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Letter to the Editor: SGA president reflects on recent dissatisfaction

To the Editor:

In light of the tumultuous recent events, I feel that it is my duty to clarify and reflect on what has happened. The document declaring “A Vote of No-Confidence” failed to pass in the SGA Senate and the document “Calling for (my) Resignation” has been withdrawn by its sponsor. With these two bumps in the road behind us, I feel that I can safely say that a new day has emerged for the Student Government Association. Dr. King once wrote, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that; hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” I feel that this quote embodies what has happened in the SGA already and what will happen in the future.

That said, I do believe that both documents were written in a shocking nature. The broad, ambiguous claims made by the authors were wholly unsubstantiated and often represented ad hominem attacks. And, even worse, the authors failed to effectively communicate their dissatisfaction with me before the documents were released. My family and I went through a very harsh time accepting the nature of the documents. But from the beginning I knew that the allegations were false and that I would not attempt to seek revenge against those who wronged me, as such an action would betray the values my faith and my family have instilled in me.

I am praying for everyone that partook in the creation of those documents; I truly hope that they realize the error of their ways. I know that I have become a stronger person because of this trying situation. I want to extend a warm thank you to everyone who attended the SGA meeting on Oct. 27. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting me. We need more informed, politically aware students just like you. Your presence did matter.

I will vigorously complete my term as president to the best of my ability and with added tenacity now that I have received a new vote of confidence from my constituents. The people have spoken, and I am grateful.

Thank you and God Bless.

Pedro Khoury

Executive President

Student Government Association


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