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Students’ diverse set of talents take center stage at ‘the goods’

Students filled the Rathskeller on Nov. 13 for a chance to see their peers at the College showcase their music, poetry and fiction stories in an event called “the goods.”

“The goods” made its debut last fall and is a bi-annual student-run celebration of the arts sponsored by ink, an organization for writers at the College. On Saturday, “the goods,” showcased some of the best and brightest artists the College has to offer.

Dan Klein, senior English secondary education major, was one of the musical acts. He worked the crowd with his humorous anecdotes and performed three songs on his electric guitar, including his “me song” and “Bludgeon.”

“Bludgeon,” he said, “is a throwback tune to the Dan Klein of the past.”

In addition to Klein, the crowd also had a chance to hear junior English major Sarah Maloney recite some of her poetry, titled “Washing,” “We Didn’t Crash” and “Makeshift Bed.”

Maloney was a main attraction for junior English major Lisa Kozempel who said, “I’ve seen her read like three or four times and she has always been great. I enjoy her poetry and was looking forward to her performance.”

The events of the day also included an open mic session, which featured students Zac Goldstein, Jess Gill and Fernando Monero. Jess Gill, junior English major, told a pigeon love story during the open mic session.

Fernando Monero, junior journalism major, also humored the crowd during the session with his “I’m in Love” poem and a poem dedicated to the anniversary of his Uncle’s death called “Tio.”

Some of the other highlights included Lee Posna, the 2003 Peter Wood writing award winner who recited poetry for the crowd, Jill Appleheimer, who read a short story filled with pornography and drugs about her summer spent at her boyfriend’s house, and Raleigh St. Claire, who packed the seats in the Rathskeller with a musical performance.

The line-up for “the goods,” also showcased students Matthew Fair, Courtney Rydel, Anthony DeFreitas, Dave Byrne, Synergy Dance Company, Sean MacPhee, Nicole Grieco and Anthony Milici.

The final act of the show came from Mixed Signals, the College’s improvisational comedy troupe, which had an amazing turnout and received a warm reception from the crowd.

“‘The goods’ offered more than just a showcase of student talent but also an opportunity for artists to connect and build a strong community,” Monero said.


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