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Alumna honored for adding flair to Food Court

Adding color and an artsy visual with a culinary theme to the Brower Student Center Food Court, Kim Lettorale, a 2004 graduate of the College, was honored on Jan. 18 with the dedication of the fa?ade she designed for the Food Court.

The project was completed as a component of assistant professor of art Fanky Chak’s graphic design practicum, given as a four-week assignment to the senior class.

According to Karen Roth, director of Auxiliary Services, Lettorale’s fa?ade was chosen for two reasons: “The first is Kim’s use of color and the way she integrated this element into a culinary theme,” she said. “Secondly, her artwork is three-dimensional and her strong passion for color clearly makes the artwork pop when you are viewing it.”

“It was important to all of us involved with this project to avoid setting limits on the creative process associated with a project of this magnitude,” Roth said. “Every student in the class presented their vision of the fa?ade to a selected group of administrators, faculty and students.”

“I believe the screening committee liked the fun parts of her design, it gives a very relaxed and enjoyable feel, but I don’t know for sure since I wasn’t the one made the decision,” Chak said.

Lettorale said she was happy to leave her mark at the College. “I feel proud, excited and honored. I had a really positive experience when I was at TCNJ so I am glad that I was able to give something back,” she said.

I saw this as an opportunity to design something in my style that would be able to be shared by everyone that goes into the Food Court.”

“I also wanted to capture the feeling of fun and cheerfulness that I felt when I was at TCNJ through my color and style,” Lettorale said.

The process for picking the winner took almost a year, starting with the presentation of ideas by the entire practicum class to a group of people from different organizations in the school in Fall 2003. Later the group was narrowed down to four, then three, then two.

“When it got to be two of us, they asked for different versions of our original idea,” Lettorale said. “After we did that, I got a phone call and got the good news that they were going with my idea.”

Lettorale received an award and unveiled a plate with her name on it during the ceremony. Her parents and friends were present, as well as Chak, students and other faculty members.

Some students, however, like Kimberly Reynolds, junior history and secondary education major, don’t see the need for the fa?ade.

“I think the artwork is a good idea in theory, but is it really necessary? I think the College has other areas that can better use the money and effort put into this project,” Reynolds said.

Chak said the project started when Roth and Toni Pusak, assistant director of Auxiliary Services, asked him if he could find great students to help out with both the ideas and the layout for the Food Court.

“All 15 students from the class came up with amazing solutions,” he said.

Pusak and Roth chose three solutions to be the finalists: Kim Lettorale, Tara Gangi and Karen Hagen. These three students had another month to redevelop their ideas and layout.


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