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NCAA chooses McHugh for DIII Management Council

Kevin McHugh, executive director for Student Development and Campus Programs at the College, was recently selected to serve as a member of the NCAA Division III Management Council. McHugh, in his 18th year at the College, will be one of 19 members on the committee representing various geographic regions across the country within Division III sports.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work at this level of the NCAA governance structure and to be part of the team that implements the policies and oversees the business of Division III,” McHugh said.

He said the NCAA Division III Management Council is comprised of representatives varying from athletic directors to student athletes to institutional chief executive officers who act together as a governing body over other committees within the NCAA organization.

According to its policies and procedures, the NCAA Management Council is expected to “conduct business necessary to promote the normal and orderly administration of Division III.” Its responsibilities include implementing policies adopted by other NCAA committees, interpreting bylaws, reviewing appeals presented by member institutions of Division III and creating amendments as well as other governance policies of Division III.

McHugh said his 26 years of experience in collegiate administration within the NCAA helped prepare him for his new position. In those years, he has acted as a representative on the Division III wrestling committee and also served as the chair of the Division I wrestling committee.

He served as the first Division III chair of the overall wrestling committee, was in charge of the national championship and served as a member of an Olympic wrestling board.

“Kevin brings a commitment to the student athlete and certainly to excellence, evidenced by the success of the athletics program at (the College),” Bridget Belgiovine, NCAA Director of Division III and College alumna, said. According to McHugh, one responsibility as a member of this committee is to regionally represent the surrounding institutions. It will be his job to provide schools in the mid-Atlantic area, both in New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, a voice within the nationally constructed Council. McHugh was selected by the Committee to fill a vacancy left by Drew University’s Connee Zotos, who will finish out her 2005 term. Following McHugh’s one-year commitment, he will be eligible to serve a full four-year term next year.


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