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Spring may be near, but winter fashions are still here

As much as the College’s students may be ready for spring, this past weekend’s weather was a reminder that winter has a couple months of life left in it. And while many stores have already started to put out their spring fashion lines, there’s still plenty of time to keep wearing your favorite winter trends and even pick up on some new ones.


A lot of stores have begun to mark down the prices of their coats, so this is the perfect time to go out and buy that jacket you’ve had your heart set on. One of the hottest trends in coats this season was the A-line tweed combination. The patterns on the coats can be eye-catching, while the A-line fit will flatter any figure. However, if tweed isn’t for you, you can achieve a similar look with a plaid pattern on a long coat.

Another favorite this winter is the princess style coat. This coat is meant to be worn fitted and allows you to show off your shape while still staying warm. The fitted trend is also visible in other coats, which feature fitted waists or belt wraps.


Winter is all about finding the perfect sweater and this season’s favorites, like coats, were made to show off your figure. A fitted cut and soft, shapely fabric are the two things to look out for when choosing the perfect sweater.

But if sweaters aren’t for you and you would rather pile on the layers, camisoles may be your best bet. Yes, it may be too cold to wear a camisole alone, but under a cardigan or work-appropriate jacket, you can still achieve a feminine look while keeping warm.


To go along with the current ultra-feminine look, fifties inspired circle skirts are one of the new trends for 2005.

Length on the skirts can vary as long as their classic volume is still there. Bold prints and bright colors are the way to go with this trend.


While you will want to stick to your boots for these snow days, the flat and pointy trend is still going strong for shoes. Feminine boots feature high heels with ultra pointy toes. However, flats are just as trendy this season. This season’s collections will allow you to pick anything from ballet-inspired flats to animal-print pointed shoes.


The purpose of a hat may be to help you keep warm, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable at the same time. The most popular hat of the season is the cloche, also known as the bell, which frames your head, covers your ears and has a brim that rests right above your eyes. Inspired by the look of the 1920s flappers, cloches can be found in a variety of colors and fabrics to match any look.

In addition to cloches, favorites like the newsboy cap and fedora are also still a big trend. Finally, you can never go wrong with a crochet or knit cap that fits your style. The best thing about these hats is the details that make them unique, such as embroidered designs or additions like brooches and flowers.


Small details can make an outfit and this season’s hottest accessories are sure to do just that. Brooches, which staged a comeback last year, are one of the season’s hottest picks. A small rhinestone brooch can go anywhere, from a hat to a coat to a sweater, and add sparkle to a dull outfit.

Another new trend in jewelry for the year is bangles and beads. Look for wooden-beaded bracelets and shiny bangles. For an extra-funky look, mix and match these bracelets with each other.


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