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Year in review – 2004 was a low point for the Democrats

To begin, I would like to wish my readers a belated happy New Year. Around this time many media outlets, award shows and radio programs dedicate a broadcast or a certain time period to reviewing the best and worst of the year. Last year was a memorable year in many respects, especially politically.

Therefore, I think it would be a great disservice to forget all of the events that took place so I have compiled my own list.

Now, of course, this list is done with a different style than MTV’s degenerate awards shows. Instead of featuring tacky overplayed music, ridiculously out-of-touch celebrities and immoral behavior, I will countdown the three biggest liberal debacles of 2004 in no particular order.

Defeat at the Polls

Unfortunately for our liberal friends and readers, 2004 will be remembered as the year of the re-election of the most hated man in recent history, George W. Bush. John Kerry’s embrace of both sides of every issue, Michael Moore’s propaganda and lies, Dan Rather and CBS’s breeches of journalistic integrity, MTV’s Vote (for Kerry) or Die programs and thousands of wacko leftist protesters could not stop the Republicans from retaining the White House and strengthening their hold on the Senate and House of Representatives. The American public spoke and the liberals lost.

Yet, Nov. 3 saw many a distraught person asking, “How could this be?” Democrats presently make the excuse that they did not present their platform and values well enough to American people, resulting in their loss.

I strongly disagree. I think if more people actually knew the Democratic platform of “Big Government, Weak Values,” Ohio would not be an issue – Bush would have won in a landslide.

The Senator Has No Clothes

One of the most popular figures at the Democratic National Convention was not John Kerry, but rather an aspiring senatorial candidate from Illinois, Barack Obama. Obama’s much acclaimed speech, however, could not overcome the almost unprecedented post-convention drop in approval for Kerry.

This aside, members of the media and others I have spoken to have likened Obama’s rise to the emergence of some messianic figure. I admire the story of his family’s struggle and his humility when dealing with overzealous members of the media wanting to toot his horn, but let me also make another thing clear; any candidate with a (D) next to his name could win in Illinois. He only needed to win heavily Democratic Chicago and his opponent Alan Keyes, thrown in at the last minute, was ill prepared to match him in funds.

Despite the ease of his win, I agreed with much of his convention speech. He (inadvertently) dismissed John Edwards’ divisive Marxist alliteration of “Two Americas” and also stated “People don’t expect government to solve their problems.”

Right words, wrong convention! I believe Obama’s words would have been better suited in the Republican Party where the solution to every issue at hand is not to create another government-run social program.

So what is Obama? Is he a Republican in disguise? Or a na?ve newcomer who was not properly educated in the ways of the Democratic Party or just another politician who will say anything to get elected? You decide.

Crooks Who Came Out of the Closet

New Jersey has had the “distinction” of having the first openly gay governor, James McGreevy. Due to his sexuality, however, he insists that he was forced to resign to protect his family.


My friends, our governor did not resign because of his sexual discrepancies or orientation. I would venture to say that many politicians have been sexual deviants and have not resigned because of it.

Look at the poster child for his own party, Bill Clinton! Clinton clearly committed adultery and lied to the American public, may I add, under oath (which cost him his law license and a hefty fine), yet many Americans actually still admire the president.

Let’s face it – the citizens and lawmakers of New Jersey did not storm Trenton with torches and pitchforks to overthrow a gay governor.

McGreevy’s explanation simply does not hold water.

McGreevy did not resign because he was “a gay American.” He resigned because he was a crook.

His administration has been rocked with scandal from his tax-payer financed vacations to Ireland and Puerto Rico, his state police superintendent appointee with clear mob ties, the Charles Kushner debacle and finally the elevation of his woefully unqualified boyfriend, Golan Cipel, to head of New Jersey Homeland Security.

McGreevy put the entire state at risk to keep his former lover’s mouth shut by awarding him a job.

This fiasco has been another example of the out-of-control corruption in this state which has marred our standing in the country and the world.

Last year is a year Democrats and liberals would love to forget, but the question remains.

Will they learn from their mistakes?

Only time will tell.


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