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One-man band stays true to solitary roots

It’s unusual for a band to be comprised of only one man and a guitar or to send burned copies of its latest release to fans on its mailing list. Then again, Granian is not your average band. For almost 10 years, Holmdel native Garen Gueyikian has performed as the band Granian, touring music venues, bars and college campuses across the country.

In 1996, Gueyikian independently released his debut album “Without Change,” a blend of catchy acoustic guitar riffs and vocal power. His first single, “Immune,” was featured on an episode of the hit show “Dawson’s Creek” and Granian seemed poised for major label attention. Nine years and three albums later, that attention has finally come.

Granian’s 2004 release, “On My Own Two Feet,” met with widespread critical acclaim. A recent New York Times review called Granian’s songs “as tuneful, tightly composed and expertly produced as anything with the stamp of a major label.” Independent music Web site ranked Granian number five in its Top Unsigned Bands of 2004. The band’s message board is full of praise from fans won over by Granian’s music at late night shows and local venues.

Granian may seem like a full band but it never betrays its roots – those of a solitary man and his guitar.


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