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Neglecting masculine duties causes women to suffer

After three years at the College I have noticed that things tend to happen in a predictable manner. The seasons change, rushes for fraternities and sororities occur, the administration ignores students and their concerns and “The Vagina Monologues” is once again performed.

Yes, just as sure as the leaves will change colors and liberals will whine and moan over the mere utterance of anything slightly resembling conservative thought, “The Vagina Monologues” will be performed at the College. The signs of the coming of “vagina season” are unmistakable.

The campus becomes littered with obscene references, shockingly anatomically correct diagrams and advertising flyers that border on the pornographic.

As an aside, you would think that someone in the administration would have the insight to see the danger these advertising campaigns would have on prospective students as they tour the campus with their conservative family members.

I, for one, would think twice about sending my child to an institution that seems to support its students’ crass desires to chalk their genitalia and obscenity all over campus.

Regardless of the play’s questionable advertising tactics, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the acting talent, emotion and commitment that each member of the group showed. Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) did an excellent job putting on the show and they should be proud of themselves.

The play was intended to be a tool for empowering and protecting women, but I think its existence can be used to raise and empower men as well.

“The Vagina Monologues” rarely discusses males and how they affect women and female sexuality. I think this is an unfortunate oversight. Moreover, there was some subtle men-hating throughout the play.

I think this point should be elaborated upon and explained because even if the portrayal of some feminists as misandrists is accurate, in some cases I feel that men’s actions have made such feelings warranted.

Gentlemen, we’ve blown it in many ways. Many men constantly treat women as objects. Sometimes we only pay attention to certain parts of their bodies and our conversations are filled with sexual objectification.

We constantly bombard ourselves with degrading and immoral images of women. Our favorite shows are dominated by seemingly brainless half-naked women and many members of our sex are hopelessly addicted to pornography, sinking them deeper into the depths of sexual depravity.

Some of us complain that our culture is becoming too sexualized, but we do nothing about it. In fact, we often enjoy it.

Men have warped their minds into oblivion and at the same time have stepped down from our most sacred positions, that of a husband and father. Ephesians 5:31 speaks of a man joining to his wife and the two becoming one flesh, forming a spiritual family.

Psychological evidence has proven time and time again that the healthiest children come from families with a mother and a father in a loving relationship, yet this dynamic is becoming rare.

One third of all children today are born to unwed mothers with the prospect of being cared for by their biological father being slim to none.

Women are left alone without physical and emotional assistance to care for their children, sinking single mothers into the depths of poverty.

Divorce has also caused much damage to the future citizens of this country where nearly half of the marriages end in failure. Many men are abandoning their own children and wives for the sake of convenience.

We are abandoning women to seek the unthinkable – abortion – because they see no way to care for their children. Men of the world, you too have a hand in the genocide of our infants in the name of “women’s liberation.”

Fellow males, these atrocities are occurring partly because of your compliance or apathy.

Our civilization is on the brink of social collapse with its moral fabric being stretched to a breaking point as many men sit on the sidelines with their eyes glued to the television screen.

For all of you who have not seen it, the play is part of a worldwide educational campaign whose purpose is to end violence against women.

Several key monologues throughout the show told unspeakable horrors committed against women by men. In one instance, a Bosnian woman was repeatedly raped and brutalized by several men. This story sickened me. Why didn’t one of them stop the others or speak up?

This masculine silence to female oppression is why this movement invented Vagina Warriors, because so few people were standing up to these atrocities. Women have taken a traditionally male role of warrior and made it feminine because so few men were sticking up for the oppressed.

Throughout history men have been the warriors standing up to threats and defeating the enemies of our families and our people. I feel that it is high time we reclaim our rightful positions.

This is one man who wants to stand up for women and family. We need to reclaim the world from the damage human sin, apathy and radical progressivism has done to it.


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