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Organizations engage in friendly feud to raise Tsunami relief funds

Walking past room 202 in the Brower Student Center last Thursday, you found yourself bombarded with a maze of volunteers wearing T-shirts often bearing Greek letters, heard cheering from teammates, the flash of cameras and the talk amongst each organization’s panel, who all wished for them to bare the title of “College Feud Champions.”

The program, which was co-sponsored by Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Inc., and Sigma Pi International Fraternity Inc., as a fundraiser to aid the tsunami relief, featured seven organizations during the competition: Delta Zeta Sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Kappa Delta Sorority, Theta Phi Alpha Sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Sigma Pi Fraternity and Amnesty International.

It had previously been called “Greek Feud,” and was brought back and renamed in order to help with the tsunami relief as well as get more organizations involved.

“Letters were placed in all the organization’s mailboxes,” Gabe Alonso, sophomore marketing major and member of Sigma Pi Fraternity, said about the selection process. “All who responded were welcomed. We had a good response, but needed one more team, so Zeta Tau Alpha offered to fill in. We thank them for that, as well as all the organizations for their support.”

A member and talented DJ from Lambda Sigma Upsilon Fraternity
also offered his musical services free of charge to show his
organization’s support.

The event’s proceeds, which neared $250 dollars, were donated to Relief International, which is a humanitarian, non-profit agency that provides relief, rehabilitation and development assistance to victims of natural disaster and civil conflicts worldwide. The money raised at the feud was donated specifically to the Tsunami relief fund, which is one of many causes Relief International covers.

The program itself was run much like the popular TV show “Family Feud,” in which opposing teams try to figure out the top answers to nationwide surveys. The College’s version consisted of multiple teams which had to fight for the right to face a single competitor in the ultimate round. However, the topics which the teams were given differed from that of the TV show. College students were survyed and the questions focused around college life, and in particular, people and places specific to the College.

Sigma Pi won the first round, ecorrectly answering the first question by stating communications as the easiest major on campus, while their competitor, Kappa Delta, made it a close race by correctly identifying #1 China as the best place for Chinese food.

Zeta Tau Alpha then defeated Delta Phi Epsilon by crowning Keystone as the most popular brand of beer amongst students at the College.

A second Sigma Pi team was sent back to their seats by a knowledgeable Delta Zeta team who correctly identified the average amount of times a student gets documented in a year as two.

By donning Sigma Pi as both the hottest fraternity and their house, the hole, the best off campus spot, Theta Phi Alpha beat a second Kappa Delta team.

Following Theta Phi Alpha’s win, Amnesty faced already victorious Zeta Tau Alpha who recorded a second win while identifying the average number of times a student gets a parking ticket in one year as three.

Theta Phi Alpha stepped right back up on the stage to present a challenge to Delta Zeta in the first match-up of teams who had passed the first round. After some technical difficulties, Delta Zeta was able to pull away with the win, classifying Business as the most overrated major.

Zeta Tau Alpha and Sigma Pi made their way to the front, and Sigma Pi took a commanding lead by correctly categorizing ABE as having the scariest basement, and went on to guess the remaining four rankings correctly. In order to tie, Zeta Tau Alpha would have to fill the next board, but were unable to do so as Sigma Pi correctly stated The College’s biggest problem, according to students, as lacking diversity.

In the final round, Delta Zeta and Sigma Pi fought for the title. Delta Zeta took an early lead guessing $0 as the average amount of money spent on books each semester.They wrapped up their victory by identifying finals as the most dreadful day of the year.

The members of Delta Zeta Sorority were all smiles and cheers after their victory.

“We had a lot of fun and were glad to help support this great cause,” members of the sorority said in a joint statement. “We thank the other organizations for making this a good experience for all involved.”


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