September 20, 2020

Community advisors play important role in college life

February 23, 2005 Paige Nestel 0

For some students at the College, Community Advisors (CAs) are looked upon as the enemy. They are the ones who need to be watched out for when partying on the sly; the ones with the clipboards and the roving eyes and ears.

Yet, as many residents who choose to reside on campus can attest, a CA can be much more than a rule enforcer. […]

Meet the dedicated woman behind the Sesquicentennial celebration

February 23, 2005 Tammy Tibbetts 0

From convocation to commencement, students come and go through the College with a flourish. When it comes to ceremony, the College doesn’t fall short, especially this year, when celebrating its 150th anniversary.

What most don’t realize is that behind the scenes, there’s one woman who is the ultimate party planner, the mastermind behind the memories that the College community will enjoy long after the events end. […]

Movie’s biggest night brings Oscar’s biggest awards

February 23, 2005 Scott Napolitano 0

The countdown until the big day for Hollywood bigwigs is drawing closer and with no titanic films owning the categories (see a little movie from previous years about a ring) stars, executives and crews will all hold their breath. And if you’re holding your breath waiting for the second half of my Oscar review, breathe you fools! Have no fear; read on and peruse the potential victors of the silver screen. […]

Performances hit high note at usually lackluster award ceremony

February 23, 2005 Audrey Levine 0

With music, awards and tributes, the 47th Annual Grammy Awards was truly a night of celebration of the best music as well as the 50th birthday of rock ‘n’ roll itself.

The show was hosted by Queen Latifah who, despite wearing several beautiful outfits and giving a very sultry performance herself, burned out in the several jokes she attempted to make as she opened the show and introduced the other performers. […]

High school band proves it can rock with College crowd

February 23, 2005 Katelyn McCormick 0

The sign on the door read “18+ to enter.” According to the rules, most of the band EG Beat could have been stopped at the door. But they were not patrons, they were performers, and they stole the show Saturday, winning WTSR’s Battle of the Bands.

The Battle featured six bands from the tri-state area in competition and showcased two others. […]

Strangers and nuns solve mystery of “Mary Murderer”

February 23, 2005 Jaclyn English 0

If there are two things students at the College are always looking for, it’s entertainment and food. Students in search of these and more were able to find it in the All College Theater (ACT) murder mystery dinner production of Billy St. John’s “Murder Can Be Habit-Forming,” which was performed in the Decker main lounge on Feb. […]

Musician dispels stereotypes in American hip-hop culture

February 23, 2005 Sean Cogan 0

At the age of 29, Derrick Ashong, writer, musician and actor, has quite possibly traveled more than most people will in their entire lifetime.

Born in Ghana, a western African nation, Ashong moved to Brooklyn at the age of three. Since then, his life has been a cultural cornucopia, as he has lived in New Jersey, Boston, England, Saudi Arabia and part of the Caribbean. […]

Recent rules changes affecting Division III athletics

February 16, 2005 Andrew Grant 0

There are 420 schools that make up Division III athletics. Some have a few hundred students while others have a student body approaching 20,000. Some are private and some public. They all have different institutional missions and different philosophies when it comes to athletics. […]

Lions clinch top seed for NJAC tournament

February 16, 2005 Kristina Cossaboon 0

The College’s women’s basketball team racked up two more wins last week and is only two games away from the playoffs.

The Lions survived a late rally by Rowan University in the last three minutes and 30 seconds of the game to post a 74-71 victory over the Profs and win their 13th consecutive New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) matchup in Packer Hall last Wednesday night. […]

Swanson finishes up in top three against Division 1 competition

February 16, 2005 Andrew Grant 0

If a diving team is going to consist of only one person and still be successful, that one person better be pretty good. Luckily for the College, that one person is sophomore Lee Swanson.

Swanson, the only member of the College’s women’s diving team, put on quite a show at the annual Rutgers University Invitational on Saturday. […]

Tennis returns to action for spring season

February 16, 2005 Becky Barrett 1

The clink of racquets, soft boom of Wilson #2 tennis balls against tarps and the determined “come on!” of raised fisted tennis players echoed through the Recreation Center basement this weekend as the men’s and women’s tennis teams took the courts to kick off the spring season. […]

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