Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Dear Signal writers, editors, and readers,

I can’t help but be extremely disappointed and disheartened by the two editorials that appeared in last week’s edition. I found them both to be negative and a bit narrow minded.

As far as the gay marriage article, I have many things to say. First of all, homosexuals have an awfully hard time in life due to the pressures society puts on them. The reason they are suicidal and more prone to drug and alcohol abuse is because many people in society treat them like untouchables. With organizations like GUTS that promote being proud of who you are, how can you print this article? It must set back the progress GUTS has made. Not only that, it will make homosexuals more afraid to come out due to the negativity shown openly on campus. Why needlessly post this negative propaganda? We do this only because this opinion exists, but that still doesn’t make it right. How can homosexuals be harming themselves for being who they are? The only way they harm themselves is by denying and lying about who they are. If anything, we should be proud of the courage they show to be themselves.

As for gay marriage weakening the definition of marriage by making it “psychologically easier” for heterosexual couples to get divorced is absurd. Face it: divorce happens whether you’re gay or straight. Sometimes marriages just don’t work. Society shouldn’t force heterosexual couples to live out an unhappy marriage because of religious law.

There has been a long running series of opinions written about abortions. People who are pro-life versus those who are pro-choice. Here is what I say: Have enough faith in humanity to let them make their own decision about their own life. Stop your preaching. Save it for yourself. Some people can’t image destroying a life that hasn’t even been lived. Others feel it would be best to prevent a child from being born into a life filled with pain due to the fact that the mother would be unable to support it. Another circumstance is a woman being raped who becomes impregnated. Bearing a child with the face and genetics of a person you fear and hate won’t make for a healthy mother-child relationship.

So the moral to my story is stop hindering people from living their lives. Stop being afraid of those who are different. Stop criticizing that which you don’t fully understand. Stop being so negative. Isn’t there enough hate and tragedy in the world already?

-Danielle Tararuj



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