Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Editorial: Easter hours unacceptable

As a public school, the College is in no way required to remain open for Easter weekend. While, yes, a majority of the student body adheres to some manifestation of Christianity, as a public school, the College is required to cater to students of all religions.

As many students cut short their Easter holiday with their families to return to a blaze of school work Sunday night, however, they arrived to find that they could not carry out their plans to study at the library or in the student center because these buildings were closed until late that afternoon.

While the student center opened its doors at 2 p.m., the library did not open until 6 p.m. This didn’t just inconvenience those who returned to campus early. Students who do not celebrate the holiday – there is a diverse number of religions on campus – were inconvenienced the entire weekend.

If students are expected to be on campus Easter Sunday or attend classes on Good Friday, while students who do not celebrate either holiday are required to as well, the College has to provide them with all necessary services just like any other non-holiday working day.


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