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‘New plaza’ for lounging between library and Eickhoff discussed at SGA

The Student Government Association (SGA) devoted the bulk of its meeting last Wednesday to a presentation by Lynda Rothermel, on the architecture of the new library and its surrounding area.

She said the biggest change will be a new plaza in between Eickhoff Hall and the new library, which will expand the amount of space available for lounging in the area. Numerous trees and benches will be added to make it a more comfortable place for students to spend time.

New power outlets will also be added so that concerts and other events can be held in the new area without needing to bring in generators. Also, all of the sidewalks in the area will be replaced so that there are brick-banded cement walkways across the entire campus.

Although unlikely to be built due to lack of funds, the construction of a small, two or three tiered amphitheatre is under consideration.

While too small to hold major events, it would be large enough to accommodate students for a class should a professor want to use the area, Rothermel said.

In other news, SGA reviewed the constitution of a new community service oriented organization, Alpha Phi Omega. The organization originally grew out of the Boy Scouts of America. It is currently coed and only one chapter nationwide holds Greek status.

Eric Pasternack, vice president of legal and government affairs, opposed the new group on the basis that the campus already has community service organizations, and that the Student Finance Board cannot afford to fund them all. “Eventually the situation will collapse upon itself, so we have to be careful,” Pasternack said.

However, the group still had support. “So far, in a month we have done 224 hours of community service,” Balvir Singh, secretary of Alpha Phi Omega, said. “It won’t hurt to have more people who are committed to service.”

“If we already have avenues to provide community service, we are dividing funds and members,” Ravi Kaneriya, senator at-large said. “I think SGA has to take a strong stand on organization recognition.”

“I think they should also keep in mind that we’re working with our money. We’ve done so much in a month, and it’s been out of our pockets,” Singh said.

Despite the opposition, a large majority passed the constitution of the new organization.

Also discussed was the Sodexho Committee Silvestro doubted whether the committee would present a fair view of Sodexho at the meetings.

“It’s gonna become a ‘I hate Sodexho’ party. It would be my suggestion to hand select a few people you know,” she said. “I want a lot of organizations represented.”

A new Election Petition Bill, which addresses current problems with the number of signatures required to be eligible for election within the SGA, was also discussed, but no measurements were taken.

Due to time constraints, the meeting closed early on a movement by Pedro Khoury, executive president.


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