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Reseachizzle dis shiznit for a good rockin tizzle

As the slogan says, “Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit,” Gizoogle.com is the place for you.

Not quite sure what that means? Well, to be honest, neither am I, but that’s the fun of Google turning into a hip-hop friendly search engine.

Gizoogle.com works exactly like the normal Google Web site, but it adds a little bit of a twist to make researching fun again. Adding -izzle and -izza to the ends of words is just the start of what it can do.

Bored with the normal news Web sites? Gizoogle can “transizlate” it for some entertaining reading. For example, a new headline reads, “Gov. Bush sez he cizzay hizzy.” Everything can be made funny with Gizoogle.

Besides finding somewhat useful, if unreadable, information, you can actually search for serious topics. Searching for The College of New Jersey, brings up an entry, saying, “Welcome ta tha College of New Jersey Web site. Tizzy is located in Ew’n, New Jersey.” But wait, it gets better.

If you translate the College Web site, you find it all decked out in hip hop lingo and reading for viewing pleasure. For example. the simple Fourth Friday announcement now proclaims, “What’s up on campus? People niznews, messin’ events, sports, etc.”

“It’s an endlessly perpetratin’ source of enjoyment,” James Van Strander, sophomore English and philosophy major, said.

So check out Gizoogle.com, some crazyfizzle shiznit when you wanna be chillin’ n rockin’ all day!


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