September 21, 2020

Freshman stars in ‘numa numa’ Web site video

March 2, 2005 Nichole DeFazio 0

Web sites may seem useless, but they can make you famous.

Take it from Matt Haug, freshman journalism major, who is a cyberstar right here at the College. He appears in an online video made by his friend Gary Brolsma, dubbed the “Numa Numa video.” It features Brolsma lip-synching to a Romanian pop song called “Dragostea Din Tei” by O-Zone. […]

Saathiya selected to dance at Columbia University Competition

March 2, 2005 Kristina Cossaboon 0

For thousands of years, Indian dance has been an art that brings out the innermost feelings while depicting the cultural aspects of a civilization. This great form of communication has now become part of the College community through Saathiya.

Saathiya, a group of students that who are part of the Indian Student Association (ISA) at the College, was recently chosen to attend Naach Nation III, a competition held to display the best in Indian Dance among college communities. […]

College students not too old to remember 16 candles

March 2, 2005 Daniela Flores 0

The lights were low and music played inside a beautiful hall. Guests dressed in their very best sat patiently and awaited the arrival of the guest of honor. Looking around the room, it was obvious that the party that was about to begin must have cost somewhere in the ballpark of the hundreds of thousands of dollars. […]

Audience-friendly changes refresh classic awards show

March 2, 2005 Scott Napolitano 0

It seems as though the Academy does indeed listen to the cries for justice and change. Film fanatics have complained that the Oscars run longer than the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The Academy replied by running a compact three-hour show.

For those who criticize boring hosts that don’t connect with the present generation, funny man Chris Rock was on hand to cut loose. […]

Spring break blurs line between fun in the sun and debauchery

March 2, 2005 Audrey Levine 1

Three letters remind teenagers and college students of a spring break filled with dance parties, celebrities and the beach – MTV.

Every year, MTV packs up its VJs, equipment and flair for attracting big name stars and travels to a highly populated beach resort for two weeks of fun in the sun during spring break. […]

College students prove talent in reality show knockoff

March 2, 2005 Rachel Lazzaro 0

Thirteen enthusiastic students gathered in the Travers/Wolfe Main Lounge to unveil their musical abilities to the rest of the College community. These talented students were part of “TCNJ Idol,” a smaller-scale version of the TV hit “American Idol,” sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Leadership Development Program (LDP). […]

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