September 26, 2020

Men and women trade identities to raise money for good cause

March 30, 2005 Becky Barrett 0

Ken Reisch, freshman mathematics major, lifted up a handful of skirts and bras for a hesitant Wal-Mart fitting room attendant as a line of shoppers waited behind him. After the clerk, a foreigner, called over another foreign clerk for her opinion, the two finally agreed to let Reisch try on the size 40B black bra, black button-up sweater and black knee-high socks that would transform him into Britney Spears. […]

Re: Iraq War

March 23, 2005 0

In the March 23 Signal Adjunct Professor Khawaja suggests, as the headline noted, that my “war estimates” were “inaccurate.” He may well be right. The number of Iraqi dead in this war have been difficult […]

Women’s tennis goes down for first time this season

March 23, 2005 Lauren Kohout 0

Women’s tennis ended a regular season 13-game winning streak on Sunday when they lost 5-4 against Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

The loss gives them a 10-1 record after beating University of Mary Washington (UMW) on Saturday 5-4. CMU improved to 9-2 on the season, while UMW’s record now stands at 3-5. […]

Bracket ruined? Welcome to March Madness

March 23, 2005 Matt Conklin 0

Head coach Tom Brennan’s tearful smile said it all.

His No. 13 seed, the Catamounts of Vermont University, who had never defeated a ranked opponent in their 105-year history, had just shocked fourth-seeded Syracuse 60-57 in an overtime thriller Saturday night. […]

Swimming ends up-and-down season at national meet

March 23, 2005 Kristina Cossaboon 0

The College’s men’s swimming team may not have stolen the show at the 2005 NCAA Division III Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships, but it took a step in the right direction with some strong performances.

The Lions moved up from 15th last year to 14th with a final total of 79 points. […]

Softball takes home gold at Fastpitch Classic

March 23, 2005 Tim Fox 0

The College’s softball team took home the Gold Division Championship at the Seventh Annual East Coast Fastpitch Classic in Virginia this weekend.

The Lions went 4-1 for the tournament, including an exciting 3-2 win over the second-ranked Sea Gulls of Salisbury University. […]

Lacrosse loses two straight for first time since 1985

March 23, 2005 Andrew Grant 0

When fourth-ranked Salisbury University ended the College’s lacrosse team’s 52-regular season game winning streak, nobody seemed too worried.

“The loss will just push us to work even harder,” sophomore forward Amanda Fuchs said last week.

However, the Lions proceeded to lose their second straight game on Saturday afternoon, a tightly-contested 10-9 defeat to the 12th-ranked Red Dragons of SUNY Cortland. […]

Lions rolling over non-conference opponents

March 23, 2005 Matt Conklin 0

The College’s baseball team continued its winning ways upon returning to New Jersey, picking up four more wins over the weekend after a 9-2 season-opening road trip to Florida last week.

“It’s funny,” head coach Rick Dell said. “You go to Florida and the air is warmer and the ground is softer. […]

Other Letters

March 23, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Goldstein misunderstands Bible verses

Call me pro-life. Call me anti-abortion should that better suit your fancy. Call me a close-minded conservative. I, for one, am not concerned with labels. What I am concerned with is the unfounded accusations Zac Goldstein makes regarding “pro-lifers.” […]

Outpouring over Carter column

March 23, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Last week, columnist Todd Carter wrote an article against gay marriage, some of which was based upon questionable facts. After receiving an unprecedented number of letters in response, questioning not only the content of the column but also the publication policies of The Signal, the editorial board has opted to print the full text of each letter. […]

Macroevolution-proudly embracing the improbable

March 23, 2005 Matt Esposito 0

Being openly conservative on a liberal campus is a strange experience. On one hand, I have found that to my delight many people here are much more conservative then they realize. They go with the flow because it is popular, but in 10 years many will consider liberalism to be a college phase. […]

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