Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Pope Maze is Offensive

Dear Editor:

The April 6th Signal featured a very offensive “Pope Maze” in the comic section. The Pope does not need help to ascend to heaven and your implication that he does was degrading to his legacy. The Pope was not only a great leader of the Catholic Church but a great leader of the world. Even if you are not Catholic, he deserves a basic level of respect, which you certianly did not give him. In addition, the selection of a new Pope is a tradition of the Catholic Church and the mockery the Signal made of it by instructing the reader to burn a section of the paper to produce a new Pope was insulting. But your suggestion to burn the paper was right, except the reasoning was wrong. Readers should burn your rag of a paper in protest of your offensivley anti-Catholic writings.

Cassandra Demski


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