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I was reading the March 23rd issue of the Signal and I came across the “Hacker ‘kisses’ College Web site” article. Towards the end, you try to translate the message they left on the College homepage “Simiens -Legalize Ja -beijos pras minas de New Jersey” with a web site and you came up with “Simiens -Legalize Ja -kisses you stop mines of New Jersey”. I don’t know if anyone else wrote in about this, but that’s totally wrong. It’s much simpler than that! The word “minas” is slang for girls or gals, whatever. So they were saying “Simiens -Legalize Ja- kisses to the girls of New Jersey.” Why not try and pick up a few chicks while your out trying to legalize marijuana, right?

I have to note that I am not positive that it is “to the” or maybe “for the girls” but at least you get a better idea of what they were going for!

It was a really interesting article though!

Julie Mira


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