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SFB revokes UL allocation of $9,857

The Student Finance Board (SFB) returned the $9,857 allocated to Uni?n Latina (UL) on March 16 for the Nina Sky performance back into the SFB account at its meeting last week.

UL had been granted the money for Nina Sky to perform at the College’s “Night at Kendall” variety program April 8. Now, according to Craig Gross, SFB chairperson, UL wants to have the program on a reading day before finals and find an alternative artist.

Gross asked the board whether it was willing to suspend the rules and allow UL to keep the money. The members agreed that the best way to deal with the situation was to take the money back.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) received $3,819 for the fall leadership retreat at the Pocono Environmental Education Center and Happiness is Camping.

Gross cast the deciding vote in favor of funding to break a tie, leaving the vote 6-5.

The board members who voted the motion down questioned whether the event would be worthwhile to the entire campus community.

Ravi Kaneriya, Student Government Association (SGA) liaison, said that most of them would not be from LDP, but that he did not think the turnout would be as good if students were asked to contribute $10 or $15.

Jon Borst, sophomore representative, said in the past the program has been rewarding and because it would be at the beginning of the fall semester, it would be worthwhile. Gross added that it is better for freshman and sophomores than it is for upperclassmen.

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), the business honor society, was allocated $800 for a National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Orlando.

Nicole Ryan, president of PBL, said the conference would allow students to win scholarships and attend workshops and seminars about leadership. The students would meet people from all over the country and learn to be more well-rounded leaders.

“Many people need to go because they are officers and they are very active in fund-raising,” Ryan said. “If they participated in the state conference than they have to attend the national conference to take the test for scholarships.” Sixteen members are expected to attend the trip.

Pratt asked if the School of Business would contribute any money. Ryan said the school does not have any spare money.

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) was allocated $750 by a vote of 8-3 to attend “Baileia,” a leadership retreat in Saranc Lake, N.Y. The retreat will include 30 members who will train for new positions in the fall.

Tori Barrett, IVCF president, said the conference is student-oriented and the group will learn how to resolve problems within an organization.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (AMSE) received $700 to attend a “solar splash” conference in Buffalo.

The group, according to AMSE president Nick Ginga, has $2,000 in its account but would like to leave money in the account for the students next year.

Seventeen students are attending the event because, Ginga said, “They each have a specialty and they need to get the boat in the water, there is no boat ramp.”

Borst said the students elected to do the project. They weren’t forced to do it, he said, and they should have anticipated the costs before they agreed to the project.

Gross said that SFB had an agreement with Provost Stephen Briggs and George Facas, dean of the school of engineering, to help fund the trip.

Gross said that once a senior helps with the boat then he or she must go. The expectation to do this is pretty substantial.

Gross said it’s important for SFB to work with the College for the students.

In a vote of 9-2-1, ink was allocated $476 to help with its student talent showcase, “the Goods.” Kristofer Disharoon, senior representative, abstained because he would be the sound technician for the event. The money was given to pay for a sound technician, decorations and supplies, rental of a student center bulletin board to display artwork and payment of Rathskellar employees, because the Rat would be open three hours later than usual.

The Polish Club, a new club on campus, was given $226 for a Polish buffet, ads in The Signal and copies. The measure passed with a vote of 8-2-1.

Katozzaro Baines, president of the Polish Club, said the buffet would add diversity to the campus and would allow for co-sponsorship.

The Siren, the College’s literary and art magazine, was allocated $154 for 200 copies and two half-page ads in The Signal to advertise its online issue in a vote of 11-1.

Jessica Gill, treasurer for The Siren, said the online version should be available before classes end. Gill also said The Siren has a Webmaster as well as someone that can help with graphics.

The Society of Honors Students (SHS) was allocated $90, with a vote of 12-0, to co-sponsor with Sigma Tau Delta (STD), the premier of a student-made film. The money allocated will be used for catering by Sodexho at the film viewing on April 14 on the first floor of the physics building.

At SFB’s March 28 meeting, which was in closed session, the board held elections and dealt with appeals. Pratt was elected chairperson, Kyle Brownlie was elected assistant chairperson, Borst was elected director of communications and Kobi Wilmot was elected director of external relations.

The History Club was allocated $400 during the appeals session with a vote of 13-2.


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