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This month Sea Bright’s and Neptune City’s governing body followed the lead set by? Holmdel Township and Atlantic Highlands to pass by bipartisan unanimous vote a resolution in support of S2325 that establishes a NJ Wildlife Rehabilitation Licensing Study Commission.

At a time of State Budget deficits, political opportunism, paybacks and dubious distribution of tax revenues, it is heartening to have elected officials actually recognize a no cost to taxpayer service.? The State Division of Fish and Game recently made the procedure for licensing a rehabilitator so cumbersome and inconsistent for those that were licensed (and any that hoped to be), that the numbers of rehabilitators servicing the State are in rapid decline.

Many and maybe most are unaware that Wildlife Rehabilitators serve at the pleasure and need of NJ residents.? Homeowners knowing of a rehabber in their area can call and receive at no expense to them or the taxpayer help with injured and/or disabled wildlife on their property. Rehabilitators are free. YES, I SAID FREE.

Although licensed by the State, the rehabilitator absorbs all expenses for medicines, treatment, care and the release of animals back into native habitats. They are dedicated volunteers serving at NO COST TO THE TAXPAYER.?

When I managed a veterinary office, the local rehabber was the preferred alternative for calls related to species not normally within the scope of the practice. State Officials did not renew this 20-year plus veteran’s license due to newly implemented, questionable and uneven standards.? In an attempt to reinstate her, one town’s Health Officer wrote a glowing testament to her service and the money that she had saved for her community.? Holmdel and Atlantic Highlands are only two of many that now do not have a qualified animal handler for residents to turn to. This is unacceptable and untimely.? Springtime is baby season and the busiest call time for rehabilitators.

NJ municipalities would do well to follow the example set by Sea Bright,Neptune City, Holmdel and Atlantic Highlands.? This is a freebie for every resident. Children and well-meaning individuals must not approach/confront injured wildlife. Taxpayers do not have to pay for an official summoned to remove a disabled animal. Volunteers are willing to address the rescue, rehabilitation and relocation if allowed to do so.

YOU can HELP provide a NO COST TO TAXPAYER SERVICE by going to
to support NJ’s Wildlife.?

Please contact your elected officials. Please tell them to back pending legislation that would facilitate not obstruct those that seek to be Wildlife Rehabilitators.?

Thank you Sea Bright, Neptune City, Holmdel and Atlantic Highlands for setting the precedent to back legislation that PROMOTES and protects Wildlife Rehabilitators’ programs.

Carole Balmer

Former Deputy Mayor and Committeewoman Holmdel Township, Planning Board Member, Environmental Commission Chair
Current Zoning Board Vice-Chair and Bayshore? Regional Sewage Authority Commissioner

96 Middletown Road
Holmdel, NJ 07733


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