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Dirty Justice

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Keith Lynch and I’m forwarding this correspondence to every organization, and media outlet in America. I wish to make them aware of a tragic situation that I have been fighting to correct for the past four years.
My wife may have been killed and my children were unlawfully taken away from me and adopted out in a very short period of time without any wrongdoing on my part. I have written a book titled “Dirty Justice” which depicts the injustice that as befallen my life at the hands of public officials in the state of Georgia. Dirty Justice will be in print and ready for distribution to the public in September.
I would like to forward a copy for your review if you have an interest in addressing a miscarriage of justice and the unlawful, willful destruction of a family. I would be open to discuss my story if you would extend to me an invitation to be interviewed. The public needs to be made aware just how the judicial system treats the indigent if it believes people cannot, or will not fight for what’s right.
I have appeared on1380 AM Court Radio Show with Ms. Natale Neighbors, and with Ms. Wanda of 89.3 FM Radio in Atlanta, Georgia. Please visit my website and let me introduce you to read part of my nightmare. Log onto and read of the injustice and tragedy that has enveloped my life. I’m schedule too appear on several media programs and would like to say that you are assisting me in receiving justice. If you cannot assist please forward my story to someone who could be willing. Thank you for your time. .


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