Tuesday, June 15, 2021


It amazes me,how difficult it is to get a legitimate event publicized.Nearly every day I see where a book is being pushed by one network or another,knowing full well that the book is OK.No big deal just pushing an other well known author for their past work and nothing to do with the present work.I wrote my memoir titled “I Wouldn’t Die.”I was not sure how it would turn out as I did not consider myself as an author, so I did the best I could, and left the reviewes of the book to the professionals.
As it turns out,The LA Times wrote a review on Oct 15th and praised the book.The Italian American Press also enjoyed the book and decided to post it on their site.The Ohio Living & Travel Magazine does not as a rule review books out of State, but this one sounded interesting so they allowed me to send it to them with no promise of a review.Once they read it they made it their choice as Book of The Month for their Aug 2004 issue.
The Universite’ de Rouen in france reviewed the book and they were so taken that they wrote a 4 page review.Others like The Midwest Book Review,Kathy S Hartwell Review,and so many more state that”This is a remarkable uplifting story that needs to be read by many.”
I have it on Amazon ISBN 097091122X so that many can view it and read it.
The Westfield Leader in New Jersey reviewed the book.In the middle of the review they wrote”stop reading this review and run out now and go buy this remarkable story”
I was the key speaker at Chevy Chase MD. recently where I spoke to The Italian cultural society of washington,DC.They were very excited to learn about my life experiences and challenges as well as how and why I wrote my book.At that event I realized how powerful my
experiences have been and how my talks encourage many to view life a little different and bring hope to many who have felt that hope is gone only do to temporary or imagined circumstances.From that event I started a FREE Library Events.I decided to return to the North East where I landed from Rome,Italy nearly 50 years ago and give back by attending FREE events.
In a short time I have confirmed the following.
Sept 22ndWarren-Trumbull Lib Ohio
Sept 26thKutztown Univ Lib. PA.
Sept 27th De Witt Lib NY
Sept 28th Wayland Lib NY
Oct 4th Southington Lib CT
Oct 5th Sacred Heart,Univ Lib CT
Oct 6th Caldwell Lib NJ
And many more not yet confirmed.

This is the kind of book that should be talked about at Oprah.I have sent a copy but, being a nobody,it does not get looked at.
My point is that I accidentally thrown myself into a situation where in my retirement years,I can do some good, and yet it still is an uphill battle even if you try to do it for Free.
Help me get noticed.
Thank you


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