Sunday, June 13, 2021
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M.A.D.D: Should be a “Corporate” Liquidation!

Who put the good housekeeping seal of approval on the “wisdom” of Mothers Against Drunk Driving? They never proposed a punishment that was rationally thought threw. Holding our Legislators politically hostage with their deep pockets. Proposing harsh and excessive, ignored, suspensions. To cripple motorist with no provisional option to drive is absurd; causing more moving violations and economic havoc and hardship than ever. This organization started a noble cause and we’re all grateful. But now its time for them to leave the DWI statute to our Legislature, and go find a real job. Lets have the lunatics relinquish control of the asylum: M.A.D.D.


Harry Netchel, 725 Joralemon Street, Unit – 69, Belleville, NJ, 07109


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