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ROTC walks to Princeton, collects goods for overseas soldiers

To most of the College’s students, waking up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning to walk for four hours from campus to Princeton would be considered an early morning annoyance. To members of the College’s Army ROTC, however, that very same walk is considered a privilege.

Joined by the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Residence Life and other campus organizations along with Princeton University’s Tiger Company, the ROTC planned the walk to Princeton to collect goods to send to soldiers overseas. The organization also dedicated the TCNJ Blue Star Flag, plaque, and display case, found on the 2nd floor of Brower Student Center, to Sergeant Joe Nyzio and Second Lieutenant Tim Harris. Nyzio and Harris are both graduates of the College and Purple Heart recipients who were injured in Iraq.

“There is nothing more rewarding than doing something for those soldiers who are putting their lives on the line everyday in the name of our freedom,” Cadet Bill Yang, sophomore law and justice major, said.

During the event, the Army ROTC collected goods from a few citizens door-to-door, but the majority of the donations were contributed in boxes spread throughout campus. Collections from students, faculty, and various campus organizations included food, hygiene products, toys, books and other assorted items.

The ROTC stressed that the event was meant to show support for the men and women in uniform overseas, and was not about whether or not an individual agreed with the war.

“We really wanted to show our support, respect, and appreciation to people like Sgt. Nyzio and 2nd Lt. Harris, who are risking their lives protecting our freedoms,” Cadet Duane Clark, sophomore history major, said.

Collections are still being taken for the soldiers, with collection points located across the College’s campus: the Townhouse main office, the Chapel, the McCauley House (the College’s ROTC office across from Loser Hall), the Market Convenience Store and all residence halls will have boxes for donated goods.


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