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SGA: Survey says ‘no’ to Carte Blanche

Most of last week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting was dedicated to a presentation on the results of a survey gauging student opinions of Sodexho’s Carte Blanche dining plan.

The survey was taken by 541 students total; 255 were freshmen, 179 were sophomores and 107 were juniors and seniors.

Among surveyed freshmen, 88 did not like the Carte Blanche plan.

There was no evidence that any freshmen, whose only option is Carte Blanche, preferred Carte Blanche over A la Carte.

For sophomores, 148 did not like Carte Blanche, an overwhelming majority. Also, among all four classes, 380 of the 541 surveyed said they would prefer A la Carte over Carte Blanche.

Between males and females, 47 percent of males preferred Carte Blanche, while 34 percent of females surveyed preferred Carte Blanche.

It was also shown that students who have Carte Blanche almost never eat at locations other than Eickhoff Dining Hall, because the highest number of points available is 400.

In an interview after the meeting, vice President elect, Jasmine Charlon, Sodexo liaison and senator of Nursing, said, “Students who come to this school should not have a meal plan that limits their options. Students should not feel limited from eating at other dining locations.”

Charlon presented the results to SGA with Jon Cherng, sophomore math and statistics major, who helped Charlon conduct the survey and analyzed the results.

Kim Deo, senior biology major, obtained approval for the constitution of Individuals for Diversity and Equality Learning, a club that seeks to educate the campus about the handicapped.

“We’re making an effort of making people more away on campus of why we need an office of Differing Abilities.” Deo said.

The program already has support from a grant, but seeks to become a student organization and work with SGA’s vice president of equity and diversity elect, Joanna Holgu?n, to further its cause.

The club works directly with the campus office of Differing Abilities to get maximum input from both students and faculty.

Also discussed was the decision not to renew the College’s subscription to Pick-a-Prof due to financial concerns.

Previously, the College paid under $1,000 for the service, but the price has greatly increased by several thousand dollars, and the company is not cooperating with negotiations.

The College is currently looking for a new service to continue the practice of rating professors, which is popular among students when choosing classes.

The graduating members of SGA and those who lost the election congratulated the newly elected members.

“You all did a wonderful job,” Pedro Khoury, SGA executive president, said of the election’s professionalism.

“I hope that it looks at the goals it has for itself and moves to a new level,” Ravi Kaneriya, senator at-large, said of the new executive board. Kaneriya ran for the presidency on a platform to reform SGA, but he lost to Annelise Catanzaro, student trustee.


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