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Two students win Goldwater award

Juniors Michael Green and Krzysztof Glomski, biology and chemistry double-majors, accomplished a rare feat this year – they were both awarded the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

This is the first time in the College’s history that two students were awarded this prestigious scholarship in the same year.

The achievement is noteworthy because there were 1,091 students nominated by the faculties of colleges and universities nationwide, and only 320 Goldwater Scholarships were awarded.

Green and Glomski are two of only six students from New Jersey institutions who received the award this year.

The Goldwater Scholarship, which originated in 1986, provides the winners $7,500 per year for educational expenses. Sophomores and juniors who are majoring in mathematics, science or engineering are eligible.

In the past seven years, six College students – all biology and chemistry majors – have received this highly competitive scholarship. Glomski said he applied for the award because he has friends who won in the past.

Green and Glomski applied for the award in January and received it in April. “The whole application process was guided by our mentors,” Glomski said. “The science department helped me a lot and there were about 12 revisions made to my application before I sent it in,” Green added.

The application required all applicants to propose a research project. The applicants do not have to perform the project, but it allows the voting board to see how the students would cope with and solve problems.

Both Glomski and Green said that they could not have won this award without the help they received from several faculty members. One faculty member in particular stood out in their minds – Don Lovett, associate professor of biology.

“He was the instrumental factor in us winning the award. He stayed up late with us and helped revise all of our drafts,” Glomski said. “He put so much time into this. He helped advance my writing style that enabled me to win this award.”

Lovett is part of the College’s board that reviews applications, recommends those who seem promising and determines who should continue with the process.

“It was a Thursday or Friday afternoon when we poked our heads into Dr. Lovett’s office and he decided we should look on the Web site to see if the winners were posted. He went onto the computer and we all saw at the same time that we had won the award,” Glomski and Green said.

According to Lovett, the College should be honored by the achievements of Glomski and Green. “Now that the College has two winners in the same year, it’s a great honor for a small institution like (the College),” he said.


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