Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Bike and Build, Habitat for Humanity

I would like to suggest an article that might be appropriate for the TCNJ newspaper.
It involves a number of TCNJ students who spent a large portion of their summer with an organization called “Bike and Build”. This organization raises money for affordable housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.
Bike and Build participants must each raise $4000 before they are invited to participate in a coast – to – coast bicycle trip in which they raise awareness of the need for affordable housing and they also participate in building projects across the country. It takes them approximately two months to complete the trip. There are four different routes.
TCNJ participants included Craig Cedermark ( was recent president of TCNJ’s Habitat Chapter, Tanya Hrehovcik, Chris Burns, Jeanette Franko, Sara Mizak, Lauren Audik and Mary Wood.
Thanks for considering an article about these motivated civic-minded students.


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