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For South Jersey, this is ‘The City’

To most people in Central and North Jersey, “The City” is the Big Apple, New York City. But to many others, there is another City, “The City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is the home of several important attractions, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. But not all college students are interested in these sights. Many would rather go to attractions with shopping, nightlife and fun – and Philadelphia delivers.

South Street

Probably one of the most well-known hot spots in Philadelphia is South Street. It is basically a marketplace filled with all different kinds of shops, including those specializing in tarot cards and magician’s tricks as well as clothing for all styles. One such store is Agent Aloha, which features different clothing for men and women in the style of the dance music scene.

Although we may love the shopping, who would honestly go to South Street and not sample a genuine Philly cheesesteak? Located at 337 South Street is Ishkabibble’s, known for its award-winning French fries and, of course, the Philly cheesesteak. Around since 1979, the restaurant is adorned with black, purple and yellow colors to attract the attention of tourists and natives alike.

Once the sun sets, the lights come on at South Street’s many bars and clubs. One of its most popular is Club 218, which hosts live local bands every Thursday night. Besides the music, it has food, drink and pool. Although the club is only for people 21 and older, it is definitely a place to look forward to visiting once you reach the age.

Called the best Irish grill and pub in the city is Blarney South, another club that features acoustic acts, Irish music sessions and live Premiership football. With its jumbo sandwiches and other featured appetizers, it seems to be a perfect place for a traditional Irish night and some good food.

Rittenhouse Square

The Square, named for clockmaker and astronomer David Rittenhouse, is located in the middle of a selection of restaurants, stores and a residential district. The beautiful tree-filled park is the perfect place for walking, skateboarding or just spending time with someone important. Housing a beautiful selection of sculptures, Rittenhouse Square is in the center of an east coast downtown, surrounded by everything a visitor could possibly imagine. Despite it not being a place with a great deal to do, anyone spending time there could leave the park itself to visit the shops, restaurants and bed and breakfasts that make up the area.

Philadelphia Zoo

For the animal lover in all of us, there is the Philadelphia Zoo, one of the finest in the country and complete with all sorts of animals and attractions. Begin the trip with visits to Bear Country, Bird Valley and an exhibit of Australian animals. But aside from the animals themselves, there are different rides which give visitors a true taste of animal life.

One such ride is Dodge Wild Earth where anyone can take a 3-D ride through the plains of Africa and experience the dangers and beauty of living in the Serengeti. Despite a lot of other rides and activities specifically designed for younger children, what adult would say no to seeing so many different animals and their quirks and playtimes?

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Also in the city is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with its collections of East Asian, European and modern works. The Museum also houses the world’s largest and oldest collection of clothes and textiles, including Swiss embroidery and Turkish velvets. The Museum hosts several events, including the 29th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show in the nearby Convention Center, where local artists can share their work and observers can purchase some of the pieces. The Museum also welcomes Art After 5, a band that blends jazz and international entertainment in a set they perform every Friday night.

Overall, Philadelphia is a city that has a great deal to offer college students who want to get away for a little relaxation. The main question is, what is “The City” for you?


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