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Sodexho dishes out reasons for limited portions

Amid student complaints that they are not being given large enough portions or second helpings at the dining halls on campus, Steve Hugg, Sodexho marketing director, said Sodexho workers are working to accommodate everyone and provide the food that people desire.

According to Hugg, there are only two instances in which a student may not be given a second portion.

The first is when an item is batch-cooked or prepared in limited quantity. In other words, if each individual item has just come off the fryer or only a certain amount can be made at a time, the workers will try to make the helpings last as long as possible for as many students as possible.

The second instance, Hugg said, is when an item is prepared to order with the student standing in a line. One such example is the omelet station, where students request what they want and the food is made in front of them.

“If a customer has been denied a second entr?e, it very well may have been to ensure there are hot products available for other customers,” Hugg said. “If that wasn’t the case, I apologize.”

In addition, Hugg said, the workers are concerned with waste and will try to curb what they give to ensure that food is not thrown out.

At a recent Dining Services meeting, the issue of rations was discussed with management, who determined that they would speak to the workers to ensure that students are always accommodated.

Hugg said that Matt Hower, director of residence dining, would be speaking with the workers about the rationing.

“This is a management responsibility,” John Higgins, general manager, said. “We probably overemphasized (the rationing).”

According to Greg Zappile, junior interactive multimedia major, he went to Eickhoff Dining Hall for some breakfast and asked for scrambled eggs, sausage and French toast sticks.

“The woman serving shook her head at me and she then said, ‘eggs or French toast sticks,'” Zappile said. “(It was) not a question, she prompted me to decide.”

Although he did not question the woman, he said he was a bit upset that he was not given exactly what he asked for.

“I was a little upset considering I have agreed to pay a certain amount for my ? la carte plan and Sodexho did not deliver,” he said.

Christine Pennacchio, junior physics and secondary education major, said that she has also been denied extra portions of food in the dining hall.

“They have instructions to give certain sized portions and to give seconds if you come back a little while later,” she said.

“Maybe they realized how much food is thrown away and they figured that it’s better for someone to make two trips than to waste food.”

According to Higgins, there have not been too many complaints about small rations, but the workers are there to accommodate the students.

“If you want a little more or less, we should be able to (accommodate you),” he said.

No matter what, Hugg emphasizes that students should feel free to find a supervisor if there are any problems in the dining halls.

“I know our students are very busy, but our managers and supervisors can usually be found nearby in Eickhoff or most of the other dining locations, and can take care of most issues immediately,” he said.

“I think our staff, our employees, supervisors and managers like to take care of a customer right away, rather than respond to a situation later.”


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