Friday, June 18, 2021
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This is in response to Matt Esposito’s article “Bush, Republican Party not to blame for hurricane’s aftermath.”

For a few years now I have sat back and read your articles, refusing to validate your ludicrous opinions and accusations with a response. Well this is where I draw the line.

“President” Bush ran for re-election last year and won under the guise that the most important job of the government is to protect its citizens. Over half the nation fell for it. However, where was the “president” and his myth of protection when the most anticipated natural disaster in modern American history occurred? In Crawford, on vacation.

Prior to Katrina striking the Big Easy, actually prior to Sept. 11, 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) issued a report citing three catastrophes that the nation would be ill-prepared to handle: the first, an earthquake in San Francisco; second, a terrorist attack on New York City; and third, a hurricane striking New Orleans. What did the “president” do? He cut FEMA’s funding, removed any official with credibility, expertise or experience, replaced them with cronies and political allies, and put the agency under Homeland Security, instilling the belief that the only catastrophe that could ever harm the U.S. would be another terrorist attack.

In the weeklong lead-up to Katrina making landfall, citizens were given advice to evacuate. Evacuation, however, must be supplied by some means of transportation, and for many (read: poor, African-Americans), the only means of transportation they had were their own two feet. They had no way of getting out. Now many of them float bloated and unrecognizable in the lake of toxic waste that New Orleans has become.

Where was the Louisiana National Guard when their help was needed before, for evacuation, and after, for civil control and leadership? Thirty five percent is in Iraq fighting for the “president’s” myth of protection.

Did the “president” create the storm? No. Was it his fault that it struck New Orleans? No. Nevertheless, it was he who cut FEMA’s funding and turned it into a ‘turkey farm.’ It was he who was still on vacation as Katrina barreled its way toward the Mississippi delta. And it was he who deployed 35 percent of the Louisiana National Guard to Iraq.

This isn’t a game. These are facts. And people are dying because of it.

J.T. Wieme


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