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Gang initiation rumor spreads

An urban myth about gang initiations involving the murder of innocent drivers has had resurgence this year, as e-mails are circulating with the claim that the gang known as the Bloods has a special, countrywide initiation this month.

The legend claims that if a car approaches you without its headlights on, and you flash your own headlights to warn them, the other car will then chase you down and kill you along with any passengers in your car. This is usually considered to be part of a local gang initiation.

The rumor has been circulated since the early ’90s, but tends to spread anew every year. Police in Charlotte, N.C. have had to make a statement saying that this is known as a myth, and there is no truth behind it.

In Asbury Park, the superintendent of schools sent children home with a letter warning of the urban legend as if it were true. Police units in the area have denied having any information that local gangs have planned any such initiation rite.

Green Farmhouse seeks funding

At its Sept. 20 meeting, the Friends of the William Green Farmhouse, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Green Farmhouse adjacent to Townhouses South, discussed its fund-raising plans.

“Our biggest issue right now is to get a purpose,” Bill O’Neal, vice president of the Friends, said.

In order to have a purpose, the group needs the College to state the intended use for the house upon preservation.

O’Neal said he feels people will be more likely to donate money to the preservation effort if they know exactly for what they will be donating it.

The group is currently working on a fund-raising brochure that explains the historic value of the William Green Farmhouse, as well as describing the efforts taken to restore it.


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