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Students have a satisfying experience at Sexapalooza

“WANT SEX … information?” Who doesn’t? Perhaps it was this slogan, or the signs advertising sex games and prizes that brought almost 300 students to the Travers/Wolfe main lounge Wednesday night for two hours of Sexapalooza, sponsored by Wolfe Hall community advisors (CAs).

The table in the front of the room was topped with bananas and condoms. Little did the students present know that the event would provide them with much more than the ability to correctly put on a condom.

Many campus organizations were present to provide students with sexual resources. Voices of Planned Parenthood (VOX), PRISM (formerly known as GUTS), the center for Campus Wellness, the office of Health Services, Women’s Center and the Residence Hall Association all provided information and free items to students throughout the night.

The student response to the mere name of Sexapalooza was overwhelmingly positive.

“I came for the games and because it sounded like fun,” Rachael Krachun, freshman general business major, said. “I figured it would be interesting and informative.”

And that’s exactly what the organizers wanted the event to be.

“We are here as a resource and to guide residents to important organizations on campus that are here to help,” Rachel Samuel, one of the CAs who organized the event, said.

The people behind Sexapalooza said the College has this event annually to promote sexual awareness.

“We find that students are not always fully aware of things they can do concerning STD prevention and receiving help with sexual issues,” Ann DeGennaro, director of Campus Wellness, said.

Sexapalooza was aimed mainly at the College’s first-year students.

“Sometimes freshmen have issues living in a new environment and can’t balance out their morals and attitudes,” Noel Ramirez, one of the CAs who organized the event, said. “A program like this can’t help someone directly, but it can challenge them to look into themselves. And through the resources provided they can explore their sexuality.”

Putting condoms on bananas and learning how to unfasten lingerie were just some of the activities that supplied a night of laughter and fun. There were many raffles as well.

The prizes ranged from T-shirts to sex toys. Fresh carnations were awarded to residents who correctly answered questions concerning everything from sex to sexually transmitted diseases and self-esteem.

Campus organizations were interactive with the residents, providing information as to the organizations’ purposes, locations and available resources.

Students walked out with everything from free condoms to pamphlets on exploring sexuality.

“I didn’t know exactly where on campus to find this kind of information on safe sex and STD protection,” John Fiocco, freshman graphic design major, said. “I think the program was a really good idea.”

Students responded to the welcoming and open atmosphere with interest and excitement. Many commented on how laid back everyone was about a sometimes sensitive subject.

“This is different from anything I’ve ever seen,” Kristen Kiernicki, freshman communications studies major, said. “I didn’t expect everyone to be so open about sex. But I think it’s good because if anyone has a problem, they now know where to go to get help. Overall, I think it was a really good idea.”

The night came to a close with a game of tug-of-war in which players had to cover their hands in Vaseline and then attempt to pull their weight against the other team.

When the games and raffles ended, people continued walking around to the different tables and making conversation with the members of each organization.

“I know much more about resources for sexual issues after coming tonight,” Max Marshall, freshman international studies major, said.

According to Ramirez, many more residents attended Sexapalooza this year than other sex programs given in previous years.

“Our main goal was that we wanted everyone to have fun,” Ramirez said. “We really wanted everyone to gain comfort with issues that are sometimes very stigmatized.”


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