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Sodexho encourages healthy eating with iPod giveaways

Sodexho is offering a chance to win a free iPod when students purchase one of its Apple-a-Day combos, part of an effort to encourage students to eat healthier.

The Apple-a-Day combo changes weekly, but always consists of fruit, a healthy snack such as yogurt or a nutrigrain bar, and either water or juice. Each week’s combo comes at a discounted price and includes a scratch off card containing the chance to win the free iPod.

The promotion is currently being held in both the Marketplace Convenience Store and Holman Cart, and each location will give away its prize to the first person to redeem a winning card there.

Anyone who attends at least five Dining Service Committee meetings over the course of a semester will be entered in a drawing for a free iPod, which will take place in December. The contest will begin again in the Spring semester, giving students who missed their chance this year a second opportunity to win.

Professor elected to Afghanistan Studies board

Jo-Ann Gross, professor of history, was recently elected to the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies’ executive board as an institutional representative from the College.

The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies is a private, non-profit organization that was formed in 2003. Its purpose is to research Afghanistan’s history and culture, and to build scholarly ties between the United States and Afghanistan.

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