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How sweet it is – Candy Land team takes the cake

Homecoming Week festivities allowed the College’s organizations to show their school spirit. Eleven teams, consisting of members of Greek organizations, clubs and sport teams, participated in the events that lasted from Oct. 25 to Oct. 29, culminating with the Homecoming football game against Montclair State University (MSU).

At Saturday’s game, the winners of the Homecoming Court were announced at halftime. Ike Anyanwu, representing Phi Beta Sigma, was crowned 2005 Homecoming King, and Megan Baglivio, representing the Ambassadors & Co., was crowned Homecoming Queen.

“I was honored to be nominated by my organization,” Baglivio said after being crowned Homecoming Queen. “I’m speechless that I was chosen among such well-qualified candidates.”

“I feel great (about winning),” Anyanwu said. “I worked hard to get here. It’s great to be recognized at the end of four years here. I want to thank Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Tau Alpha, my mentors and my friends throughout the four years.”

When asked if they ever imagined winning, Baglivio said, “No, not at all. I am completely thrilled to be nominated by my organization. This is a complete surprise. I am honored to follow in Liz’s footsteps.” Liz Ganapolsky of Delta Phi Epsilon was last year’s queen.

“It was kind of unexpected,” Anyanwu said of his win. “People said it would happen, but I didn’t think it would. This is the first year my fraternity participated in Homecoming. This is a memory I will keep throughout my lifetime. I want to thank (the College).”

Phi Kappa Tau and Delta Phi Epsilon, whose theme was Candy Land, took first place as the overall winner of the week’s activities. Ambassadors & Co. with their Chess theme, came in second place, followed by Delta Zeta & Sigma Pi, who had a Battleship theme.

Cheerleading Competition

This year’s powder puff football game was canceled due to rain. The cheerleading competition was still held, however, inside Brower Student Center last Wednesday.

Guys from the different organizations dressed up as girls in costumes that ranged from drag queen to sailor. Despite the canceled powder puff game, the guys showed their school spirit in a series of cheers, routines and short acts.

Although the activity took place during mid-semester break, the turnout was large, and everyone in the audience cheered on their favorite team. Each team consisted of about five members from the organization. Kappa Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon came in first with a Jumanji theme. Phi Kappa Tau and Delta Phi Epsilon came in second. Delta Zeta and Sigma Pi came in third with the sailor theme.

Lip Sync and Dance

Candy Land, Monopoly, Jumanji, Battle Ship and Dream Phone came alive during last Wednesday night’s “Don’t Miss Out on the Game” themed Lip Sync and Dance program. Various Greek organizations and other groups created elaborately choreographed routines, dramatic sets, and several costume changes to convey their respective themes.

With no set order, performers were expected to go on stage after their names were drawn from a hat. Students simulated the Lions beating MSU through the characters of their particular game. Throughout the evening, cheers and chants could be heard from the dueling groups including the confident “It’s all over!” heard after different performances.

Juxtaposing popular songs by current superstars Kanye West, 50 Cent and Missy Elliot with the throwbacks of infectious old-school artists like Blondie, Def Leppard and Queen, the Lip Sync provided an opportunity for nearly everyone to sing along and enjoy the acts.

There was a tie between Ambassadors & Co. and Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau for first place. The Ambassadors & Co.’s skit consisted of chess players who were forced to take over the football team and beat MSU once and for all. Lord Licorice and Princess Lolly took center stage in Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau’s Candy Land themed act.

A separate contest was held for the dance competition, which continued with concepts such as “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” and Ouija set to music. Dressed in army fatigues costumes, Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Tau Alpha & Co. won the dance competition with their Risk theme. Members of the group performed an elaborate dance and stepping routine. The group shone even brighter as its supporters threw green and purple glow-sticks onto the stage.

Yell Like Hell

A Homecoming tradition, Friday night’s Yell Like Hell allowed the teams to get pumped for the Homecoming game by yelling as loud as they could at Lake Sylva. Ambassadors & Co. took the lead spot. Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Beta Sigma & Co. came in second place, and Phi Kappa Tau and Delta Phi Epsilon came in third.

– Allison Hurley, Staff Writer; Christina Pescatore, Correspondent


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