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Sodexho works to improve service by fixing dishwasher

At its Oct. 19 meeting, the Dining Services Committee said that despite complaints, Sodexho, the College’s food provider, is doing just as well if not better than last year in bringing quality and sanitary services to the students at the College.

Dirty cups should no longer be a problem, on account of much-needed dishwasher repair, John Higgins, general manager of Sodexho, said.

SGA dining liaison Leo Inglima said this was a “key concern” of the students, and that he was “glad to have it finally taken care of.”

Regarding a few complaints of “scary” Eickhoff employees, the staff has been holding regular meetings to work on appearing more personable to the students, Higgins said.

By popular demand, new dishes may be introduced to different dining halls, Higgins said.

Also, the Brower Student Center Food Court may begin to sell the same buffalo chicken wraps that have become a favorite at The Rathskellar.

Taco salad may appear in Eickhoff Dining Hall, and the pasta bar may become an everyday option, Higgins said.

On the issue of the contract renewal, Higgins said that it wasn’t Sodexho’s issue.

“The College offered us the contract, and we signed it,” he said. “That’s all there is to it.” The committee was unwilling to discuss the matter any further.

Higgins also highlighted the variety of new programs it brought students with its annual Fall Fest.The lineup varied from an international guest chef to a Halloween bash.

International chef Patrick Cox visited from Holland Oct. 24 in a new Global Chef program.

The goal is to provide students with “authentic international cuisine” as a break from traditional campus food. Cox also hosted an open question and answer session about his techniques and experiences.

Also, from Oct. 17 to 20, Sodexho recognized TCNJ Domestic Violence Awareness Week. Eickhoff Dining Hall received purple tablecloths and numerous “STOP” signs to raise awareness of the issue.

It was also announced at the meeting that Ken Caldwell, a new service manager, would be joining Sodexho this semester.

“(The College) is really a beautiful place, and I’m looking forward to helping out and being a real aspect to the community,” Caldwell said.


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