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Monthly Archives: November, 2005

Network reaches Hispanic audiences

America is changing - and fast. With the advent of new technology and the melting pot theory, the country is becoming new and improved for the future. "This country is turning into a bilingual country," Hugo Balta, news director for WNJU Telemundo, a Spanish language television station, said.

Concert benefits victims of Katrina

Jason Price, junior music education major, watched the news reports about New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and he decided to do something about the tragedy. Amidst the excitement of fall break, students and professors gathered Friday, Oct. 21, for a jazz concert to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Multimedia art brought to life in new software game

If a passerby were to glance upon two ordinary double doors of an auditorium in the Science Complex, he or she would have never guessed that a presentation of pure innovation was taking place behind them. In a packed hall on Oct. 19, Tana Hargest shared with students the overlooked world of multimedia art.


Makes 'Sense' to me Last week, The Signal published an article about power consumption by the College. This letter included an appeal to students to try to conserve electricity. Lori Winyard, director of Energy and Central Utilities, and the office of Residential and Community Development are working to come up with a comprehensive plan to promote energy conservation.

Vote Whitey!

In New Jersey's 2005 gubernatorial race, names are not important. Corzine, Forrester, whatever. All you really need to remember is: Vote Whitey! As we stand poised to choose our next governor, the state faces serious problems. Dogged by corruption, grossly inflated property taxes, a hefty budget deficit, a sluggish economy and rising energy costs, New Jersey requires a bold and innovative leader with real vision.

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