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Monthly Archives: November, 2005

Palestinian activist remarks on dangers, security

The political science department hosted Palestinian activist Zleikha Muhtaseb on Nov. 13 as part of its politics forum series. Muhtaseb, an interviewer and translator for human rights groups from Hebron, a West Bank city on the front lines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, shared anecdotes and stories from the region, but deflected tough questions about security and terrorist concerns.

Professor details feminist movement in South Asia

"War does not lead to peace. It leads to more war. The cycle has to be broken somehow," Anita Anantharam, assistant professor of women's and gender studies, said Nov. 14, when she gave a lecture about feminism in South Asian countries. She told students about "women's fight to be sovereign bodies," particularly in India and Pakistan.

Uninformed voters at root of SGA bill

On Nov. 2, the Student Government Association (SGA) voted 34-5 in favor of a bill that took away the general student body's right to vote at committee meetings. The Committee Voting Bill added the clause "Only Student Government members, including associate members, will be allowed to vote in committees.

Life in Spain-More than siestas and flamenco

For travelers, 80 days have much potential. You can follow the example of Jules Verne's classic book and go around the world. Or, like me, you can choose to spend a semester abroad and immerse yourself in what might as well be a whole new world. This fall, I'm studying in Salamanca, Spain, a postcard-perfect city two-and-a-half hours northwest of Madrid, where I've learned more than is possible in any classroom.

Fossil hunters experience life in the field

Last month, geology professor Marty Becker and five students spent three days fossil hunting along the banks of Arkansas' Ouachita River. They weren't looking for dinosaur bones, but for sharks' teeth and other fossils from a prehistoric ocean that once covered much of the United States.

Myers brings ‘flava’ to AAA lecture

In the past, if she didn't like what you were saying, Michelle Myers would knock the flavor out of your mouth, as she warned in her poem "I'm a Woman Not a Flava." However, it was a kinder, gentler Myers who appeared on Thursday, Nov. 17 as the keynote speaker for the Asian American Association's (AAA) Experience Asia month.

Pizza: Five Dolla. Hassan: Priceless.

We've all been there. You're stumbling home from a random party at 2 a.m. and you're starving. All of the dining halls on campus are long closed, and operating a car, or any other type of heavy machinery, is definitely out of the question. Suddenly, a familiar voice cuts through the night: "Pizza! Five dolla!" Relief and gratitude wash over you as you fumble for a $5 bill.

Thinking outside the box

My friends called me crazy for sleeping outside the night before a test. Was it really necessary to sleep outside? Can't you just donate money or something? However, I was set on doing it. Even in the rain, nothing would deter me from something that I felt so passionate about.

Students ‘sleep out’ to help end homelessness in Trenton

The College's Chapter of Habitat for Humanity held its fourth annual Sleep Out to Speak Out Against Homelessness on Nov. 16. Although many clubs on campus run activities to promote awareness about important causes, few take such bold steps to get their message across.

Potter, puberty, PG-13 make fourth installment a hit

You would think that with four movies and three directors, the "Harry Potter" series would lose its way somewhere. Yet somehow, each installment has managed to stay consistent in terms of style, while bringing just the right tone to the screen. The fourth addition, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," is no different, despite the presence of yet another new director.

‘No day but today’ to see musical spirit of New York

The most famous song of the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical "Rent" asks how to measure a year, and the answer is through "love." I've decided that if I'm disappointed with the Broadway show's movie adaptation, it's largely because I'm measuring it by my love for the original.


- After all the rumors, questions and pressure, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have officially decided to divorce. They decided to part ways on Nov. 23, saying in a statement that it was a mutual agreement. Lachey is quickly working to up his star status, which has been waning in recent years, as he prepares to star in a new comedy for the WB as a baseball star trying to survive a new marriage.

Cancelation looms for reverend, dysfunctional family

You can either love them or hate them, but if you don't watch, there is no one else to blame. That's right, with the end of the first half of the television season comes the lineup of canceled shows across the networks. Besides several that were canceled within the first few weeks of the season (case in point, "Head Cases" on FOX), many have recently announced their cancelation effective at the end of their ordered seasons.

McDonald’s-feeding evil and grease everywhere

As I stand in line at Burger King to get the latest Star Wars promotional items, I can't help but remember the good old days of fast food and Happy Meals. To this day, I'm still not entirely sure what a "McNugget" is, but I do know that Ronald McDonald and his pals were a fond part of my childhood, and I'll bet that they were a part of your childhood, too.

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