September 18, 2020

WTSR: Opening your mind since 1966

The College’s radio station, WTSR, kicked off its 40th anniversary bash with a two-hour live broadcast from Brower Student Center on Monday.

Students gathered in the Brower atrium for free drinks and cake as they listened to the station’s popular modern rock mix, which broadcasts on the frequency 91.3 FM.

The event was the first of many that the station’s directors have planned to celebrate 40 years on the air.

“I’m so glad I happened to be here for such an important anniversary,” Meghan Condran, senior communication studies major and station manager, said.

“Preparation for these events is a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding.”

The DJs who hosted the event held a cake-eating contest and even prompted students to sing “Happy Birthday” to WTSR.

Stephanie Berzinski, sophomore communication studies major and news director, said that the station plans to organize a different event each month.

WTSR is working with campus organizations like the office of and Residential and Community Development to promote and finance its events.

“We’re still coming up with other ideas that haven’t been approved yet,” Berzinski said. “And we’re always looking for suggestions from the student body.”

So far, the only official event planned is the WTSR Acoustic Coffeehouse, which is scheduled for Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. in the Decker Main Lounge.

The two-hour show will feature acoustic performances from student musicians, and refreshments will be served. A tentative Battle of the Bands competition in March is also in the works.

WTSR has been reaching out to its alumni for assistance in organizing its birthday events.

“We had one alumni DJ in the student center today,” Berzinski said. “And we’re trying to get some to perform at the coffee house next month.”

To facilitate alumni participation, the College provided WTSR with a list of 255 alumni who have worked at the station.

The station then set up an online forum on its Web site to keep in touch with its alumni.

“That list was extremely helpful,” Condran said. “Without it we would’ve had little means of contacting them.”

More details on WTSR’s 40th anniversary celebration will be available throughout the year on the WTSR Web site at

WTSR is a 1,500-watt non-commercial radio station that has served Mercer and Bucks counties since 1966.

The station broadcasts 20 genres of specialty music, local news and college sports from its studios in Kendall Hall.

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