October 27, 2020

Alums will do stand-up

April 24, 2012 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Keith and Kenny Lucas, who both graduated from the College in 2007 with degrees in philosophy, will be performing stand up  comedy in their TV debut on ‘Late Night  with Jimmy Fallon.’ The episode will […]

Singer-songwriter comes to the Rat

April 24, 2012 Signal Contributor 1

Sitting on a stool — just him and his guitar — Evan Weiss, of the one-man band Into It. Over It, created a very personal atmosphere at his show in the dimly-lit Rathskeller on Tuesday, April 17, with opener Paper Street, put on by the College Union Board.

Around The Dorm Championship

April 24, 2012 Signal Editorial Staff 0

In the Around the Dorm championship, the “Ref,” Brendan McGrath, challenges Sports Editor Alex Wolfe, Sports Assistant Chris Molicki and Staff Writer Brandon Gould to answer questions about which underdog has the best chance in […]

The mind is what matters

April 24, 2012 Alex Wolfe 0

“Breathe.” “Stay within yourself.” “He’s not better.” “I’m going to show you how great I am.” These words may not mean anything to most, but to players on the College’s baseball team, they’re special. When […]

Welcome to the family

April 24, 2012 Brandon Gould 3

Assistant head coach Gina Carey-Smith fires shots at Kelsey Zinck to warm her up before each game and she can’t help but see a little bit of herself in the goalkeeper. Zinck not only guards […]

Pollack details a ‘World Without Ice’

April 24, 2012 Signal Contributor 0

One of the world’s leading experts on climate change gave an informative lecture on Wednesday, April 18. “Ice, Water and Climate” highlighted humanity’s role in contributing to the Earth’s rising surface tempature as part of the School of Science’s 2012 Colloquium Series. […]

Adderall: the new Red Bull?

April 24, 2012 Brianna Gunter 0

Recent years show a boom in students turning to the prescription drug Adderall for exams, writing papers and long study sessions. With another round of final exams on the horizon, the College is no exception to this phenomenon. […]

Author speaks about ‘bloodland’ under Hitler and Stalin

April 24, 2012 Signal Contributor 0

Some are unaware of the connection between Hitler and Stalin and the land between the two powers from 1933 to 1945. Timothy Snyder, best-selling author of “Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin” and a history professor at Yale University, spoke about this connection of powers in the Library Auditorium on Wednesday, April 18 for the Jack Glazer Memorial Lecture. […]

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