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Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Great Big Pile of Leaves headlines Rat show

The last time A Great Big Pile of Leaves performed in New Jersey, the stage at Asbury Lanes collapsed under the weight of the indie-rock unit, their instruments and over a hundred fans.

The Awards Forecast: Oscars Recap

Say what you will about award shows, but there’s something utterly intriguing and captivating about some of the worlds finest artists coming together to celebrate each others works for one night each year. The Academy Awards are known as the most prestigious award show, and this years broadcast did not disappoint.

Dear Judith – Future Plans

Dear Judith, I’ve been on a path here at TCNJ to have a career in law, which was always the plan. But recently some strange things have been happening to me, and I think they might be signs that I should do something else with my life, some kind of higher calling. I’ve never been very religious exactly, but now I’m conflicted. Should I stick to the plan or follow my gut?

Wisniewski discusses accesible government data

The government has always been required to publish public documents and records, but until recently there was no easy access to the records for civilians. Enter Tim Wisniewski, the Chief Data Officer for the City of Philadelphia. When Wisniewski joined the Administration in 2012, it became his mission to make government data easily accessible online.

Young adults more focused on schoolwork: Study finds students socialize less than in the ’80s

According to society, teenagers are often viewed as partying all the time and hanging out with their friends 24/7. A typical assumption of college students is that they are consuming illegal beverages and substances at all times without focusing on class work or studying. If you think this is how students live their lives, then think again.

Teens texting have become a costly distraction

In the aftermath of last weekend’s blizzard, I watched helplessly as another student slipped on the slush but was too focused on her phone to even notice. As a society, individuals have become so desensitized to embarrassing blunders like this that witnessing distracted students jaywalk in front of cars or walk into someone without apologizing is a part of daily routine.

Mindful meditation soothes student stresses

By Jovia Ferris Correspondent As the semester gains momentum, it can be challenging to remain energized and free of the stresses caused by tests and assignments....

A mom and her master’s

By Ashley Thomas Correspondent Philippa Jenkins finds a way to remain upbeat and conquer the day despite her grueling schedule. When she is not counseling parents...

Campus Style: Barcelona Fashionistas!

By Jordan Koziol Columnist While I am abroad in Spain, I caught up with my fellow study abroad students Abbey Despain, an international business and finance...

Classic Signals: Feb. 1956 Science department buys electric “brain”

By Kimberly Ilkowski Features Editor Nearly 60 years ago last week, the Feb. 17, 1956 issue of the State Signal was distributed around the State Teachers...

‘Two and A Half Men’ ends 12 season run

Of course Charlie is dead. Well, now he is, anyway. “Two and a Half Men” brought its record-breaking 12-season run to a close Thursday, Feb. 19, ending in the same way in which it existed for much of that run — with controversy.

IGC violates three SFB policies, loses most of its funding

The IGC was charged with three violations in in the areas of charity, food and advertising of TCNJam.

Suspected terrorist shooting in Denmark

By Sean Harshman Staff Writer   A suspected terrorist opened fire on a free speech debate and a synagogue in Copenhagen on Saturday, Feb. 14. The...

Gay marriage ban challenged by Alabama courts

By Roman Orsini Staff Writer In Alabama, a challenge from the federal government to the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is underway. In some counties, gay...
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