Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Coray Seifert

Gaming with the big guys at Calif. video game conference

Plane tickets to San Jose, California: $300. Admission to the 2003 Game Developers Conference: $ 2,000. Drinks on Bill Gates: Priceless. Think the video game industry is a "niche" industry? The members of the game development community don't.

The glorious art of beer pong, one game at a time

The American college experience is steeped in many traditions that make it the magnificent endeavor that it is today. One of those traditions is the sport of Beirut, commonly referred to as beer pong. While I could write enough for a thesis paper on the sport of Beirut, this is neither the time nor the place.

Blood-lusting, buxom vamp heroine is fair play

This is the worst game I've ever played. That was the beginning of the first draft of my review for Majesco/Terminal Reality's "BloodRayne," a game that pits a sultry half-vampire sadist against the pre-Nazi army. At the end of a six-hour marathon playing of the game, I had concluded that BloodRayne was just a typical action game, featuring nothing more than crude humor, lots of blood and a half-vampire with a well-endowed chest.

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