Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Donna Green

Intense film takes audiences to remote and ambitious heights

Award-winning director and daughter of famous playwright Arthur Miller, Rebecca Miller ("Angela" and "Personal Velocity"), delivers her third feature, "The Ballad of Jack and Rose." It is 1987 and Jack Slavin (Daniel Day-Lewis) lives with his daughter, Rose (Camilla Belle), on a remote island off the East Coast.

Film festival highlights both fledgling and established artists

The Philadelphia Film Festival began its 14th run on Thursday, April 7. The festival is dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of projects from all over the world and is quickly becoming one of the hottest film festivals in the country. Opening night festivities included a film screening and party.

Star-studded comic book film redefines the term graphic

"Sin City" has been highly anticipated since talk of its release first began. Adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novel series, "Sin City" has an extremely large cast of well-known actors and a unique and innovative style of filmmaking that makes it one of the most important films released this year.

Spontaneous stories bridge gap between comedy, tragedy

The prolific and highly respected filmmaker Woody Allen is back with another feature, "Melinda and Melinda," an exploration of the notions of tragedy and comedy in life and storytelling. The film begins in a restaurant as four friends prepare to enjoy dinner.

‘Upside’ of discomfort is completely honest, emotional film

"The Upside of Anger," which features an outstanding ensemble cast, takes an imperfect yet engaging look at a family and its relationships. Terry Wolfmeyer (Joan Allen) is the mother of four daughters (played by Erika Christensen, Evan Rachel Wood, Keri Russell and Alicia Witt).

Story about belonging translates across language barrier

"Travellers and Magicians" is a film of unexpected charm. I knew very little about it before entering the theater and was honestly feeling slightly detached when the film began. However, not too far into the film, I began to feel myself relating to the foreign story.

Cool cast carries otherwise mediocre comedy sequel

Is a good cast alone enough to carry a movie? Well, judging by the new film "Be Cool," the answer is no, probably not. Even though the movie is loaded with stars, the sequel to the 1995 comedy hit "Get Shorty" often falls flat. Hollywood producer Chili Palmer (John Travolta) is back, but this time he is in the music business.

Visual effects, startling images not enough to hook fans

John Constantine has the ability to see things that other people cannot. He once tried to commit suicide and was dead for two minutes. During these two minutes, he traveled to hell and back. Since his return, he is able to use his powers to recognize those working for Satan.

Traditional comedy ‘hitches’ its audience with jazzy story

Raising over $43 million in its first week of release, "Hitch" is currently a box office success. Possibly even more notable, however, is the fact that it is receiving extremely positive reviews from moviegoers who whole-heartedly recommended it to friends and family.

Haunting film challenges ideas of forgiveness, understanding

Walter is released back into society after 12 years in prison for molesting 10- to 12-year-old little girls. The only landlord that will take his money rents him an apartment overlooking a playground. He notices a man preying on young boys across the street from his window.

Brilliant acting, directing make boxing movie a real knock-out

When discussing "Million Dollar Baby," there is one term that seems to be coming up again and again - knock-out. While this boxing pun may be slightly overused, it is nonetheless difficult to argue. "Million Dollar Baby" is, simply put, a knock-out. Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) is a former boxing manager who owns a rundown gym.

Cliches and wine are keys to this successful road trip

Can a movie about two middle-aged men on a wine tasting tour through California's wine country be interesting? Yes, it most certainly can. In fact, "Sideways" is not only interesting, but it is also truly superb in every aspect of filmmaking. It is one of those unique films that can successfully cross boundaries, ultimately appealing to just about everyone who sees it.

All-star cast leads film that seeks honesty in infidelity

I went to see "Closer" this past weekend, thinking that it would be a light movie, possibly mixed with some troubling romance. When I heard someone compare the film to "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" I thought he was surely mistaken. There was no way that "Closer" could possibly be as biting and insightful as the classic Edward Albee play and respected Mike Nichols film.

Anderson’s cult following anticipates his newest release

With just three movies behind him and a fourth - "The Life Aquatic" - that is due in theaters soon, Wes Anderson has quickly become one of the most popular contemporary directors. He is loved for his quirkiness and dark humor and admired for his uncanny visuals and creative ability behind the camera.

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