Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Jeff Pillar

West Bank wall another example of Israeli brutality

The next time you use the Internet, do a Google images search for "Israel wall." What will appear are thousands of pictures of the enormous concrete barricade separating Israel from Palestine, something we should all vehemently condemn. When the Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961, the entire non-Communist world immediately denounced the structure and the purpose it was designed to serve.

Constitution discriminated against American immigrants

In the United States, we have terrible problems regarding equality. Politicians and outspoken Americans like to point fingers at each other when diagnosing the causes of discrimination in our otherwise extraordinary country. More often than not, actual people are to blame for their prejudices and attitudes toward others who are different.

Bush doctrine paves the way for a dangerous future

In October, I was asked to participate in a panel discussion and "put the Bush administration in a historical context." This pre-election forum asked me to look deep into the administration's record and come to terms with its place in the grand scope of U.

Somehow, Bush will escape the second-term curse

In its first term, the George W. Bush presidency was marked by a series of tradeoffs. It traded the capture of a man who organized the flying of planes into the World Trade Center three-and-a-half years ago for the capture of Saddam Hussein, a man who did not.

Scrutiny of affirmative action is needed for its survival

Is this a sign of the end times? A self-proclaimed liberal is about to confront affirmative action. Contrary to what some might believe, I cannot think of a more important issue to speak about in my first column. As a proud citizen of the most diverse and heterogeneous nation on the planet, I consider the call for racial equality to be an absolute priority.

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