September 25, 2020

Lights in the dark

September 21, 2005 Jessica Dziedzic 0

The Metzger Drive loop was alight with the kindness of over 100 people this past Saturday evening. Carrying red and white balloons, complete with flashing lights, they joined together to raise money for the Southern New Jersey Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by participating in the seventh annual Light the Night Walk. […]

Comedian asks Facebook friends for their two cents

September 14, 2005 Jessica Dziedzic 0

In the wake of a tragedy such as Hurricane Katrina, those not directly affected often feel helpless. They may wonder how they can possibly make a difference 1,100 miles away from the devastation.

Steve Hofstetter, however, a writer and stand-up comedian who increased his visibility among the college-aged demographic by joining facebook. […]

Smoking ban in the works

April 6, 2005 Jessica Dziedzic 0

Before you light up your next cigarette in your room, think again. The College and the state of New Jersey are both looking to ban smoking in all residence halls. The change – proposed in a state bill that passed in the Senate March 14 – could go into effect as early as Fall 2005 if legislated by the state government, according to Mary-Elaine Perry, vice president for Student Life. […]

Alsop: schools should teach business ethics

March 30, 2005 Jessica Dziedzic 0

Headlining speaker Christopher J. Christie, U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, failed to arrive at last Wednesday’s student forum on business ethics, sponsored by the School of Business.

“Ten (minutes) after 3 (p.m.), I was told he wasn’t coming,” Aimee Rogers, program assistant and interim dean for the School of Business, said. […]