Friday, February 26, 2021

Matt McDowell

Intellectualism discouraged by corporate media

We have let ourselves become complacent, and taken it to heart that somehow those of us who are more intelligent and in the know are somehow to be watched with the utmost suspicion. Those of us, for example, who do not take what we see in the media or in our textbooks as gospel are routinely derided as freaks and hysterics who should just keep our mouths shut and stop rocking the boat.

History of Scottish nationalism

Scottish nationalism is not exactly a hot-button issue in the United States. Nevertheless, it is an interesting movement (largely unknown to us) that has taken shape north of the English border with the weakening of Tony Blair's New Labor movement and the nosedive of the Conservative party after Margaret Thatcher's leadership.

Democrats neglect to address issues of race, class

The Democrats have an issue on their hands when it comes to the credibility of whichever candidate is nominated. The subject of race is not one that is often discussed within the party, not even when attempting to win votes. As we well know, this is largely because minorities have little play in special interest money given to both parties.

A matter of choice

I'm a little angry this week. So forgive me, but I'm even more frightened. Politicians around the nation, both in state and federal government, are attempting to change more than the laws of morality. With several examples from around the country, a disturbing trend is displaying itself.

Alive with the sound of stolen music

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been successful so far in its attempt to perform a number on many of its customers because the federal court system has upheld its "right" to do so. Through the criminalization of file-sharing practices on the Internet, the RIAA hopes to clamp down on files on the Internet to rescue the ailing industry from a year of terrible CD sales.

Clinton or Blair, is there a difference?

Having spent the past eight months in the United Kingdom (Scotland specifically), I can safely say that King George is not alone in his madness. The proof lies in Bush's partner-in-crime, one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. But it is Bill Clinton, rather than Bush, whom Blair uses as his muse.

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