September 26, 2020

Saving the environment, one stream walk at a time

October 5, 2005 Rachel Lazzaro 0

In the fast-paced, industrialized world that we live in today, the condition of the environment is not always a top priority. However, there are students at the College who are working to ensure that our local waterways are being appropriately cared for.

Water Watch is an environmentally friendly student organization that is dedicated to improving water quality in the Trenton area. […]

Hamster stories and essays – English majors share work

March 30, 2005 Rachel Lazzaro 0

Sigma Tau Delta, the College’s English Honor Society, traveled to Kansas City on March 16 to attend the annual Sigma Tau Delta (STD) conference. Roughly 500 students and 100 faculty members attended, representing dozens of schools.

Six students from the College went on the trip – senior English majors Tierney Dwyer, Christina Maffa and Matthew Miller and junior English majors Jessica DeLisi, Jessica Gill and Courtney Rydel. […]

College students prove talent in reality show knockoff

March 2, 2005 Rachel Lazzaro 0

Thirteen enthusiastic students gathered in the Travers/Wolfe Main Lounge to unveil their musical abilities to the rest of the College community. These talented students were part of “TCNJ Idol,” a smaller-scale version of the TV hit “American Idol,” sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Leadership Development Program (LDP). […]

College Alumni Association

November 10, 2004 Rachel Lazzaro 0

The Alumni Association, a volunteer organization, has recently made a $150,000 contribution to the College. It was given at the start of the Sesquicentennial Celebration – $1,000 for every year the College has been in existence.

The donation is mainly being used for the Sesquicentennial Celebration, a new landscaping project and a new sophomore scholarship. […]