Friday, March 5, 2021

Todd Carter

Writing for The Signal educates, strengthens viewpoints

I bet quite a number of you are surprised that I am writing again after receiving so many negative responses in the past two weeks. Then again, seeing as how I never received many positive responses to begin with, perhaps this isn't much of a surprise. Why do I keep coming back despite reactions that range from neutrality to deep hostility? It is because I like writing for The Signal.

Gay marriage harms society far more than it helps

Most people I know do not consider same-sex marriage to be a big issue. They think of it as just another civil rights matter. Given enough time and pressure, society will change to accept gay marriage. Further, they would probably argue that it would not harm anyone.

Church critics fail to understand the causes of abuse

When the first priest sex scandal was exposed, it lead to a chain of events that was nearly catastrophic for the Catholic church. An endless stream of people came out of the woodwork to accuse the Church of hiding many known sex scandals. Caught off guard, the church had many sins to account for, but not nearly as many as an average observer would think.

So far, so good — Rice is on the right foreign policy path

The one thing the Bush administration has been criticized about more than anything else is its foreign policy. Many believe that the war in Iraq was a mistake or that it was conducted for purely economic reasons. Because of it, the United States has lost favor in Europe, which has traditionally been an American ally.

Valentine’s Day distorts the true meaning of love

In many ways, Valentine's Day is my least favorite of all the holidays. It would be one thing if it were merely a commercialization of a holiday, but it is all one giant commercial. All I ever see of it is the exchanging of chocolate, powdery candy, cute little stuffed teddy bears and gaudy little cards.

March For Life brings together anti-abortion crusaders

It was a very cold day immediately after the storms and my car was still half buried in snow. I traveled over 150 miles in a bus that day with eight other students and 40 people who you would never expect to participate in any form of public protest. But, we still went protesting because we had a mission.

Liberal democrats ignorant of Bush’s popular support

In a recent address to the National Press Club, Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts revealed his vision for the the Democratic Party's role in America's future. With quite wonderful rhetoric, he displays everything that is considered sacred to his party and makes some strong points about Medicare and education.

No Condi-scending — Rice is the right woman for the job

With Colin Powell leaving the position of Secretary of State, President Bush has decided to elevate Condoleeza Rice to the position, making her the first black female to have this rank. With this new rank comes much responsibility. Not only is Rice trying to fill the shoes of one the most popular members of Bush's cabinet, but she also has to be America's face to the world in a time when the country does not have as many allies as it once had and its policies are more far reaching than ever before.

Political leaders have a right to embrace their faith

This election has caused many to question the role of religion within American politics. Some believe that separation of church and state is being violated by people who make moral decisions based on their faith. They feel that religion is irrational and unreasonable.

Bush draft proposal the latest Democratic falsehood

Some say the apocalypse will come in a fiery explosion. Some say the dead will rise and be judged. Others say robots will rule the Earth. Judging by the reactions to the election, I am betting the majority of this campus thinks the end of days will begin with President Bush's second term.

Report affirms threat posed by Saddam justifies war

Throughout the presidential election, the war in Iraq has been used as a pawn in both the Bush and the Kerry campaigns. Because George W. Bush has made many controversial decisions on this war, he has been widely criticized. Some people believe that more diplomacy should have been used before going to war with Iraq and he should have brought in more allies.

Religious influence cannot be removed from human existence

I have heard people say that belief in God is fine and well enough, but that we have no proof of anything beyond religion's claims to know truth. Therefore we should not bother exploring any of them because of their conflicts and hypocrisies. I respond that not only do I believe that we can come to know truth but that religion itself is a necessary part of being human.

Proof of God can be found in core rational arguments

It seems to me that in my last article on prayer, I was doing things a bit backwards. In it, I made the claim that prayer is useful and it helps you live life well. I still believe this is true. However, I did not go deep enough because I did not say what I actually believe prayer is: a deep communion with God.

Prayer as philosophy–a spiritual and moral guide to life

As I looked across the activities fair last Wednesday, I saw the school at its best. One could taste the optimism in the air as all the clubs crowded into Brower Student Center to put their best foot forward to win a few new members. In all this flurry, one is promised many things.

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