Thursday, January 28, 2021


Alternative sites infuse news with color and laughs

Just hearing someone mention the nightly news is enough to make me yawn and to force my eyes to glaze over. It's not that there's anything terribly wrong with it. It's informative, educational and, on rare occasions, even amusing. Who could forget CNN's report on the new Lingerie Barbie, featuring the blonde icon at bars and adult bookstores in downtown N.

Simplicity hurts the story of a life hanging in balance

"The Life of David Gale" reminded me of a movie that came out last year, "John Q," starring Denzel Washington. The movies had very little in common in terms of content, but they did both have political messages. "John Q" was centered around the notion that health care should be provided for all citizens equally.

Campus in concert – bands club it at Conduit

Some of the best college acts in the greater Trenton area came to Conduit on South Broad Street in downtown Trenton to show what they're made of. Two of the groups performing at Conduit/WTSR's Ultimate College Band Showcase were from the College. Megan Burtnick, junior communication studies major, performed solo and the band Higherline closed out the evening's events.

Don’t knock the gloved one

Everyone is talking about Michael Jackson these days. We are about to go to war with Iraq, yet the covers of the newspapers feature Jackson's antics and "Joe Millionaire" sweetheart, Zora on a regular basis. If the King of Pop is the talk of the town, what is stopping me from giving into the temptation, as well? Absolutely nothing.

Chilling out – soothing songs for the mellow moonlight

So you've just gotten back from a party or the bar, it's 3 a.m., you're drunk, you're cooking old hot dogs on your Foreman Grill because there's nothing else to eat and you're still feeling the buzz from the action of the night. It's time to come down and, as everyone knows, you've got to have good music to come down to.

Folk tale story time made for intimate atmosphere

Whether it was story hour at the local library, naptime at school or bedtime, almost every child relished in imaginative fairy tales. Students revisited these fond times when Joe Dudis, professional storyteller, came to the College. "Folktales from Around the World," held in Cromwell Hall main lounge, was an intimate one since the audience was a small gathering of only seven students.

Letter to the Editor: Considering the loss of the space shuttle Columbia

To the Editor, In this present moment of looming conflicts, ongoing assaults, and blundering abuses of economic and personal integrity around the world, it is clear we live in a human landscape at least as complex and crowded as in the past. This is a perennial problem: it is easy to lose sight of the future when the now shadows all considerations.

Letter to the Editor: No stapler for him

To the Editor, Picture this scenario:Brower Student Center 9:27 a.m. Ahhh, i just finished printing out my 1000 word paper on the education budget. Pure perfection. Surely this will impress even the most learned professor. And since it\'s the first grade for the class, i put extra lovin\' into this otherwise stale topic.

Letter to the Editor: College used snow day to get flaky

To the Editor, Due to the recent snowstorm, The College administration had a few of its own flakes flying. On Monday morning there was a 2 foot snow drift blocking my townhouse door. This would have been fine if the doors opened inward, but they dont.

Stop damning the man

To the Editor, With the prospect of war close at hand, I've been hearing a lot of people voicing their opinion on it. While I'm not for war and the loss of innocent life, I'm tired of the anti-war sentiment and the hippy logic behind it. I'm tired of hearing that the war is for oil and money, and that Bush is some lunatic cowboy.

Letter to the Editor: In defense of the Bod Squad

To the Editor, I am writing in response to the Talking Point articles about the Bod Squad. While I do agree with the authors that there are some men who have body image problems, I also think that we must be careful with how much we focus on them.

Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to you

To the Editor, When I read your article, I knew I would write this letter, but I wanted to wait to watch Jackson's refute on Fox just to make sure any facts I relay are accurate. I did not want to pull a Bashir, or a "you" and jump to invalid conclusions.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t talk about my body like that

To the Editor: The Bod Squad would like to express our disappointment with the misrepresentation of our intentions in the February 18th issue of the Signal. Based on the opinions in Talking Point, it appears that neither columnist attended any of our events or talked to our members.

Easy doesn’t it

Life is hard. Life's a bitch and then you die. Life gives you lemons. Life is wasted on the living. Don't take life seriously, because you can't get out of it alive. Fine, good. Life sucks. I get it. I accept it. No big deal. What really infuriates me is the fact that things (people, technology, entities, etc.

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