5 things you should always keep private : the stoic guide to privacy


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For many, it seems as though we live in a world that encourages us to overshare every detail of our lives. Social media platforms invite us to document each milestone, opinion, and moment for the world to see. But have you ever stopped and wondered if there might be some elements of our lives that should remain private? The ancient philosophy of Stoicism offers valuable guidance on this topic, and by applying its teachings to five key areas, you can better protect your mental well-being, relationships, and personal development.

Self-Control is Crucial: Keep Your Guilty Pleasures Private

One tenet of Stoicism is that self-control allows us to maintain equilibrium amidst life’s turmoil. However, everyone has moments when they succumb to indulgence or weakness, whether that means enjoying decadent dessert or binge-watching a TV series rather than tackling a task. Acknowledging these moments privately serves as a reminder of our humanity while still prioritizing self-improvement. When we admit our guilty pleasures to others—especially online—it creates an externalized accountability system that can impede personal growth.

Embrace Modesty While Protecting Wealth and Success

Revealing true wealth and professional success opens us up to unnecessary scrutiny and envy from others. It also reinforces superficial values within ourselves. By maintaining a level of modesty in public, a crucial stoic trait, you will safeguard yourself from the ill intentions of those who are covetous. This allows for a more authentic sense of respect and admiration from your peers, and spares you from societies’ potential backlash. Keep income and notable achievements out of the spotlight in order to cultivate a path to long-lasting contentment.

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Finding Sanity in Silence: Cherish Your Thoughts and Intimate Moments

Time for introspection and intimate moments with loved ones should be regarded as sacrosanct, particularly when considering the impact of build relationships and personal growth. By choosing not to share those cherished video conversations or text messages with others, you are cultivating a safe space for emotional vulnerability and trust. Contemplate deeply on your inner thoughts before sharing them widely, allowing yourself time to process any potential repercussions fully. Doing so will foster meaningful connections grounded in mutual understanding and respect.

Protecting Your Past and The Importance of Privacy

Although an individual’s history can offer life lessons to others, it is important that we exercise discretion when recounting certain events or experiences. Remember: privacy enables us to selectively share information at our own pace via personal interactions. This aids in forming deeper, genuine connections, which contributes significantly to self-development and aligning our moral compass.

Prepare Yourself: The Camouflaged Preparation Process and Self-Improvement

In our eagerness to highlight our accomplishments, it’s easy to overlook the immense value inherent within the actual process of preparation. Sharing your goals and aspirations with only those closest to you, or simply keeping private records, allows for more organic progress. It prevents undue pressure from external sources and negative opinions interrupting your journey. Protect this ongoing, pivotal aspect of self-improvement by shielding it from public view.

A Foundation of Trust: Keeping Personal Information Confidential

The internet provides countless platforms for individuals to seek answers, guidance, and support through a myriad of topics. However, divulging sensitive details about your personal relationships, health status, or financial struggles publicly can come at the expense of your mental well-being. Honor and protect your relationships by seeking advice privately, and offering the same level of discretion to others. This creates a foundation of trust and empowers effective communication on these sensitive subjects.

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In Closing: A Balanced Path Toward Implementing Stoic Privacy Principles

Embracing a stoic approach to privacy does not require you to become an impenetrable fortress concealing all aspects of your life from public view. Rather, it offers insight into the discrete and purposeful sharing of information that can protect personal growth, mental health, and cherished relationships. In our fast-paced, global society where it is all too easy to fall into the trap of overexposing ourselves, this ancient philosophy presents a timeless, balanced path that can lead us toward healthier, more prosperous lives.

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