August 8, 2020

South Africans focus on HIV/AIDS epidemic

October 5, 2005 Kelly Duncan 0

Two men from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, visited the College on Saturday to educate a group of students about the still prevalent epidemic of HIV/AIDS in their country.

Sbu Ngubane and Mdu “Justice” Msomi, managers of the Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa (PPASA), fielded questions posed by members of the College, as well as students from nearby universities. […]

Off-campus behavior e-mail sent in response to Ewing complaints

October 5, 2005 Jake Remaly 0

College President R. Barbara Gitenstein sent out a campus-wide e-mail last Tuesday night listing the policies, expectations and responsibilities for those students living off campus.

It was sent, according to Matthew Golden, assistant director for Public Information, for two reasons: the College has been receiving complaints from Ewing Township regarding off-campus student behavior, and the College wanted to remind students of its off-campus policies. […]

Latin sorority encourages minority achievement

October 5, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

On Saturday Oct. 1, Chi Upsilon Sigma, a Latin sorority at the College, hosted the organization’s Annual Minority Achievement Conference in Brower Student Center. The conference, which brought alumnae back to the College, was themed “In the Pursuit of Excellence,” and dealt with minority achievement in every aspect of life. […]

Saving the environment, one stream walk at a time

October 5, 2005 Rachel Lazzaro 0

In the fast-paced, industrialized world that we live in today, the condition of the environment is not always a top priority. However, there are students at the College who are working to ensure that our local waterways are being appropriately cared for.

Water Watch is an environmentally friendly student organization that is dedicated to improving water quality in the Trenton area. […]

Err’body in the Country Club gettin’ tipsy

October 5, 2005 Becky Barrett 0

A few neighbors were left off the invitation list for the Country Club Apartments’ community-style barbeque Sept. 29.

Although the fence for the 400-bed Trenton Psychiatric Hospital is in the apartments’ backyard, patients, including the five who escaped this year, do not swing by very often. […]

Cultivating consciousness in Costa Rica

October 5, 2005 Paige Nestel 0

For most college students, the idea of a visit to Costa Rica conjures images of lazy days spent on pristine beaches, surfing and an exotic nightlife.

But for Brian Potter, assistant professor of political science and international relations, Costa Rica serves as much more. […]

Students have a satisfying experience at Sexapalooza

October 5, 2005 Julia Carey 0

“WANT SEX … information?” Who doesn’t? Perhaps it was this slogan, or the signs advertising sex games and prizes that brought almost 300 students to the Travers/Wolfe main lounge Wednesday night for two hours of Sexapalooza, sponsored by Wolfe Hall community advisors (CAs). […]

A spirit and a lazy bum make one heavenly duo

October 5, 2005 Daniela Flores 0

People watch romantic comedies for a very specific reason. Sure, they might watch them to get a laugh, but many people turn to romantic comedies because they like to see that undying love somehow always overcomes whatever ridiculous situation the writers decide to put it through. […]

Flawed film still has adequate elements of ‘Violence’

October 5, 2005 Ben Samara 0

In “A History of Violence,” Viggo Mortensen plays Tom Stall, an average guy in a small rural city. He and his wife, Edie (Maria Bello), share a healthy and loving marriage with two children (Ashton Holmes and Heidi Hayes). Tom owns a diner in the center of town, frequented by the locals. […]

Nintendo – more than just Mario

October 5, 2005 Ben Leach 0

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is probably responsible for consuming more hours of our youths than sleep and going to school combined. And for all the advancements in video game technology, there’s something about NES that will remain close to our hearts. […]

Thumbsucking for fun – it’s not a baby’s world anymore

October 5, 2005 Scott Napolitano 0

It’s not every day I get the opportunity to see a film before the rest of the world. Despite having done professional and Signal-related movie reviews, I have never been able to snare advanced screening passes on available days.

The streak came to an end on Sept. 16 when I received tickets to the East Coast advanced screening of the indie flick “Thumbsucker,” starring Vince Vaughn, Keanu Reeves, Tilda Swinton and newcomer Lou Taylor Pucci. […]

Across the Narrows

October 5, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

A cadre of smartly dressed and highly stylized individuals descended on New York City this weekend for a two-day, dual-location music festival, Across the Narrows, at Key Span Park on Coney Island and Richmond County Bank Ballpark in Staten Island.

We spent our weekend in Brooklyn, treading amongst the hipsters who sat in empty stands smoking joints and reading “The Odyssey,” or hopping listlessly in front of a centerfield stage usually reserved for the Coney Island Cyclones AAA baseball team. […]

Imagery sells art film

October 5, 2005 James Queally 0

Boobs. Sex. More sex. Violence. A whole boatload of nakedness. Art flick.

Can you decide which one does not belong? Art flick. So why does it belong?

Last Wednesday night, the Art Student Association (ASA), an on-campus society that welcomes all students who are interested in art, began its weekly film screenings in Forcina Hall by showing “Artemisia,” the torturous but true story of Artemisia Gentileschi, the first female artist to be enrolled at the Academy of Florence, as well as the first female painter to be commissioned for her work. […]

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